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Hello Dosto…Jio ne India me dhamal macha raha hai..jaha ek taraf JIo Recharge saste ho rahe…Aur airtel,vodafone,Idea ko kadi takkar mil rahi vahi…JioPhone ab android aane wala hai
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Use Whatsapp on Jio Phone with 100% working method | Jio Phone me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye

Jio Phone Tricks : Use Whatsapp in Jio Phone
Guide4Tech Ujjwal Channel link : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCSGtT0xw2aD6gudbueTURGw
1.Jio Phone Tips & Tricks
2.Jio Phone Whatsapp Installation Method
3.How to use Whatsapp in Jio Phone
4.Whatsapp App for Jio Phone
5.How to install Whatsapp App in Jio Phone
6.Jio Phone Apps
7.Jio Phone me Whatsapp Kaise Chalaye
8.Jio Phone me Whatsapp
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Jio Phone में क्या क्या चलेगा देख लो समझ लो JioPhone की 5 खास बाते, Whatsapp? jiophone Youtube?

Reliance Jio Phone was unveiled by Mukesh Ambani recently, and this is a really unique feature phone, mainly because of the 4G VoLTE connectivity, ability to play Jio apps like JioTV and JioMusic.
Reliance Jio Phone was unveiled by Mukesh Ambani recently, and this is a really unique feature phone, mainly because of the 4G VoLTE connectivity, ability to play Jio apps like JioTV and JioMusic. With JioPhone, Reliance is planning to change the dynamics of the feature phone market and has launched it at an effective price of Rs zero. However, Reliance Jio has still not revealed the complete details and specifications of the Jio Phone on its website. There is confusion on which processor is powering the Jio Phone. Additionally, there is no clarity on who is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the Jio Phones. Earlier it was suggested that Foxconn was making the phones but now reports have suggested that Intex will be manufacturing Jio’s feature phone. Interestingly, Ambani had said that the phones will be made by Indian engineers. Currently, there is a lot of confusion on several specs and features of the Jio Phone. Here is a list of things you must find out before you proceed to buy the device.
Jio Phone: Five things every buyer wants to know before buying the Reliance Jio 4G feature phone these are —
Will Jio Phone support Dual-SIM? It is interesting that most people want to know whether Reliance will allow any other SIM to be used in the Jio Phone. But before that, it will be interesting to see if the Jio Phone will support a Dual-SIM at all. Reliance Jio is offering its own data plans along with the JioPhone, so the question arises that whether the company will allow any more SIMs to be entered into the device. However, it is unlikely that Reliance will go for such a feature. Additionally, there is another question on whether users will be able to take out the Jio SIM which they use on the device. This will be important, since, after a point of time, you may want to switch your device. Also, you may want to use the SIM you are currently using in the new Jio Phone.
Which processor will Jio Phone feature? Currently, there is a confusion on which processor will the JioPhone be powered by. Qualcomm India had tweeted on July 21, saying, “Glad to partner with @reliancejio on the new #JioPhone, powered by our #205 mobile platform.” This means that the Reliance Jio Phone will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor. However, a tweet from rival brand Spreadtrum says, “Making India digital with #JioPhone. @Spreadtrum is proud to be a part of the digital freedom for #featurephone users. @Reliancejio.”
Does Jio Phone have hotspot? Reliance Jio, before launching the Jio Phone, had its LYF lineup of smartphones. All those devices support hotspot. In fact, most of the Android devices have a support for sharing data using the mobile. But Jio Phone does not have the Android OS. As of now, we have no clue of Jio Phone will support hotspot or not. It will be a shame if Reliance does not provide this feature with the phone, as it is widely considered an import part of any device which supports a 4G connection.
What is battery life of JioPhone? Jio Phone is a feature phone and feature phones are known to have a great battery life. But that is mainly because there are not many things that these devices support. However, Jio Phone is not any other device. It supports 4G VoLTE, which means you will use the phone for playing music to watching videos. Also, there will be an option to play videos on TV. So, it is highly important that Reliance gives this device a really good battery. As of now, there is absolutely no information on which will be the battery capacity of the Jio Phone.
Will Jio Phone have Android and iOS apps? According to pictures revealed during the Jio Phone presentation, reports have suggested that the device may support a version of the Firefox OS. If the presentation is any indicator, we think that the Jio Phone may not support popular services like PayTM and WhatsApp. This maybe because Jio wants to reach out to a wider audience with its JioChat and JioMoney services. However, we may see some form of mobile applications of websites like Facebook and Google. Interestingly, while there are questions of whether Jio will support any apps other than its own, we are sure to find one, the Narendra Modi app. For all other, we may have to wait till more information about the device come in.
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Two New Apps for Jiophone !!

Two New Apps available for jiophone
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Iss video mein सिर्फ 2 मिनट में पीले गंदे दाँतों को मोती जैसा चमका देगा ये ज़बरदस्त घरेलु नुस्खा/…..इस नुस्खे से दांत ऐसे चमक जायेंगे जैसे सीप का मोती चमकता है – Teeth whitening at home….. FAST TEETH whitening….
पीले दांतों को मोती की तरह चमका देगा ये सबसे अद्भुत घरेलु नुस्खा | White Teeth

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How to Share Data In Jio Phone | Install JioSwitch In JioPhone To Share Files | New Update

Reliance Jio launched it’s JioSwitch App for JioPhone as well as for iPhone and Android Smartphone…So in this video I will show you it’s tutorial.

Topic Covers –
1- Jio Switch App Install Tutorial In Android And Jio Phone
2- JioSwitch in Jio Phone
3- How to Install Jio Switch in Jio Phone to share files or data from Any Smartphone to Jio Phone
4- Jio Phone New Update
5- How to Install New Apps in Jio Phone
6- How to share Data in jio phone
7- How share files from jio phone with wifi
8- How to send videos from jio phone by wifi
9- How to recieve files from jio Phone without internet
10- How to send any data from jio phone to any android smartphone without internet
11- Lastest & New JioPhone Tips And Tricks & Hidden Features

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