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Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick

Welcome to TechNow Review..
Today we are back here with our new video on how to Install & Run Windows 10/8/7/XP on Any Android Phone- NO ROOT 2017 BEST Trick. Enjoy!!


Mirror Link:

More Mirrors:

New Updated Mirrors(April 25th 2017)

New Updated Windows 10 Link x64 (Download Gandalf file)

Windows 10 Link x86(Use Gandalf file)

If the above links arent working for you then you can try downloading your favourite image files and try it on the application. For settings check out the updated video:

You still need to play around with the settings as settings differs from every device.

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ROFL! Golden Buzzer Comedian Makes Judges Can’t Stop LAUGHING! | Semi Final 5 | BGT 2017

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Daliso Chaponda Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Semi Final Full Audition Including Judges Comment

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How to Unlock Android Pattern or Pin Lock Without Losing Data (Latest 2018)

Hello, viewers! I am Muhit from TechLab. In this video, I’ll show you “How to Unlock any phone without pattern and without losing any data”.

⚠️ Data which are in internal storage will be erased

So, watch the video till end. If you don’t like this video, then press the unlike button & give feedback in the comment section. But If you like this video, remember to leave a thumbsup and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching this video.

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Spy camera app on android

Install “Spy Camera HD” for free and recoding Video like a real spy. This awesome tool lets you recoding Video in simple and fast way without any shutter sound and camera preview on your phone screen. Nobody will notice that you are recoding a Video.

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How to find your mobile features in tamil

Hi friends, this video will show how to find your mobile specifications?

My device app download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anu.main.myandroid

This video explain about following questions….

How to find mobile specs or specifications or features?
How to find your device specs or specifications or features?
How to find mobile os specs or specifications or features?
How to find cpu specs or specifications or features?
How to find battery specs or specifications or features?
How to find mobile storage specs or specifications or features?
How to find mobile network specs or specifications or features?
How to find mobile sensors specs or specifications or features?
How to find mobile camera specs or specifications or features?
How to find mobile user app specs or specifications or features?
How to find mobile system app specs or specifications or features?

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