10 சூப்பர் APPS | Top 10 Best Apps on Playstore

10 சூப்பர் APPS | Top 10 Best Apps on Playstore

#10 Magic Video Maker

#9 Charging Animation

#8 Game Booster

#7 Skip Ads

#6 ARLOOPA – Augmented Reality Platform – AR App

#5 100 in 1 Games

#4 A Better Camera

#3 OH Browser

#2 Apps Free

#1 Smart Lockscreen protector

#10 VidLike is a magic video editor that can help you create funny,cool and show love short video more easily.You can even freely crop and reverse the video in one click.On the other way #7 We provide you a easy way to skip annoying YouTube ads.Mute youtube ads sound.Automatically skip youtube ads to come back the video which you are watching.Count Youtube time watched.#6 Leading in augmented reality revolution with 3 main AR functions, marker based scanning, markerless tracking, geo-location based experiences.#5 Enjoy the collection of more than 100 games in 1 app. All games are Instant Games, so no need to install and waste storage. Instant Games work like offline games, so no lag once loaded.#4 A number of top ranked Android camera apps such as HDR Camera+, Night Camera+ and HD Panorama+ have been melted into A Better Camera to provide you with the best, all-purpose, full featured camera app.Video has great features, such as time lapse, and can be used with focus lock, exposure lock and white balance lock.Being open to 3rd party developers, this application aggregates the experience of Android developers community to provide you with the most complete set of the best imaging features ever.#3 Browser is an amazing thing in mobile devices. OH brings it to the next level. OH re-invent the mobile browsing experience. From UI to PDF converter, everything is re-engineered for intuitive browsing.#2 AppsFree offers an easy and convenient way to discover and download paid apps, games, wallpaper and icon packs that are free for a limited time. Customize your experience thanks to our advanced filter settings, so you’ll only see the type of apps you’re actually interested in.#1 The first app to fix a security flag from your android, prevent to unwanted users turn off, mute or set airplane your device when they are in the lockscreen and bypassing the code.
*This app will not block for Long press power button (10 seconds) since its hardware related.Ideal for avoiding shut down the device in the pocket.



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Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]

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10 சூப்பர் APPS | Top 10 Secret Apps on Playstore

10 சூப்பர் APPS | Top 10 Secret Apps on Playstore

#1 Snap Trans

#2 Salient Eye

#3 Calendar Vault

#4 Multi photo resize compress crop in batch PicTools

#5 Touch Lock Screen

#6 Stargon Browser

#7 Quick Arc Launcher 2

#8 Orinji Photo Editor Focus Effect

#9 Voice Calculator – Multi Screen

10 designer Tools

#10 Designer Tools provides a suite of features to review and validate app specifications. Whether it be checking your keylines or that shade of blue, you’ll definitely want to add this app to your toolkit. Even if you provide redlines, these are a great way to verify each and every pixel.#9 Now you just have to speak and Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what you say.No need to click on Mic multiple times to do long calculations. You can do calculations continuously until you click Pause. It displays calculations simultaneously while you speaking. #8 Use this app to make your photos more realistic and attractive. The app contains many Effects and Filters like HDR Effect, Focus Effect, Retro Effect, Vintage and Vignette Effect. You need to write text on the photo or create memes or you just want to remove the background of a photo. Orinji is there for you! #7 By using this launcher application, you can launch the application you want to launch in 2 seconds!By using this launcher, you can pre-register frequently used applications, shortcuts, etc. and start up immediately. #6 Stargon Browser is a web browser with over 30 different functions. Experience the unique and convenient features of Stargon.#5 The touch lock screen can simply set a “touch password” with the touch of specific positions on my photo such as eyes, nose, mouth, face, or hand. #4 Pic Tools is the best photo & picture resizer, cropper, compressor & photo editor, photography tool to reduce photo size kb, useful for designers photographers and everyone else. #3 Calendar vault provides you ultimate secret locker for photos, videos and files. Secretly hide pictures and gallery photo videos and make them safe. Calendar vault looks like a simple calendar but it contains incredible secret gallery lock for hiding photos, videos and files. #2 Peace of mind is as close as your spare/old Android phone or tablet. The Salient Eye app turns your spare device into a surveillance camera that can be placed in your home, office, dorm, hotel room… anywhere you want to monitor movement.
#1 SnapTrans can translate English to Hindi or other languages or dialects in one step for almost any applications(Facebook,WhatsApp,Messenger etc).Using this app, you can translate any text into your native language to make reading much easier,chat with foreign language friends accessibility.

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Bigest Glue Trap 2019 Glue Trap Trap Work Saving 12 Mice Glue Trap Is Best Mouse Trap

Bigest Glue Trap 2019 /Glue Trap Trap Work Saving 12 Mice /Glue Trap Is Best Mouse Trap
How to make a Mouse Trap homemade ? Easy saving mice at home
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Spiderman (2002) | Bitten By a Spider | Clip 4K

Spiderman (2002) | Bitten by a spider |

Director: Sam Raimi
Writers: Stan Lee (Marvel comic book), Steve Ditko (Marvel comic book), David Koepp (Screenplay)
Stars: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe

Motion Picture © 2004 Columbia Pictures Industries.
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முடிவுகளை சரியாக எடுங்கள் | Indru Oru Thagaval | Decision Making Skill

Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan interesting story about decision making skill | Indru Oru Thagaval.

முடிவெடுக்கும் திறன்:

நாம் தினந்தோறும் எல்லாப் பிரச்சனைகளுக்கும் ஏதாவது ஒரு முடிவை எடுக்கிறோம். நமது திறமை மற்றும் அனுபவத்தைச் சரியான விகிதத்தில் யோசித்து எடுக்கும் முடிவுகள் நமது வாழ்வின் முக்கிய திருப்புமுனையாக அமையும். இவையே நமது வெற்றியின் வளர்ச்சியைத் தூக்கிவிடும்.

சாதனையாளர்கள் சரியாக முடிவெடுப்பவர்களாக இருக்கிறார்கள். எந்தப் பிரச்னைக்கு, எப்போது, என்னமாதிரியான தீர்வுகள் சரி என்று துல்லியமாகக் கணிக்கிறார்கள்.

மிக எளிமையான பயிற்சிகளின் மூலம் யார் வேண்டுமானாலும் அட்டகாசமாக முடிவெடுக்கும் திறமையை வளர்த்துக்கொள்ள முடியும்.

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