10 Hidden Features for Android Power Users!

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We all use Android every single day and chances are, most of you watching this video consider yourself an Android power user. Well, we are sure you know most Android features, but there are various hidden features in Android aimed at power users and that’s what we are talking about today.

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10 Amazing Phone Features You Had No Idea About

The progress doesn’t stand still and new functions make our gadgets closer to the devices from science-fiction movies! Many everyday tasks can be made so much simpler if you master a few tricks when handling your Android device. Here is a list of such awesome hidden features!

Cloning applications 0:51
Downloading videos and audios from YouTube 1:41
Turning your smartphone into a digital scale 2:26
Switching to two-window mode with one touch 3:10
Switching to safe mode 3:39
Using offline maps 4:15
Paying with your phone instead of a credit card 4:56
A scanner that’s always at hand 6:01
Unlimited search 6:38
Linking two smartphones together 7:17

– If you are lucky to have a fresh version of Android, there you can find a menu option called “App Cloner.” It allows you to duplicate the desired applications with a single tap.
– By default, Google hides apps that enable you to download YouTube videos from its official store. However, there are plenty of third-party developer applications you can easily get!
– A special app can transform your gadget into a digital scale. Install this app, calibrate it with a small air cushion or any other object whose weight is known in advance (such as a coin) and you are ready to go!
– Want to read an e-book and use a dictionary at the same time without having to switch screens? To do this, open the right app, and hold the task list key (to the right of the “Home” button).
– To enable safe mode, you need to switch on your phone or tablet, press the power button again and hold it. When a menu appears, press and hold the onscreen “Off“ or ”Power Off” key. When safe mode option appears, click “OK.”
– The best solution is to download online maps to your phone and disable mobile Internet while leaving GPS switched on. Your location will still be displayed on offline maps, thanks to satellite data — without any cost to you.
– With the help of the NFC modules, built into many phone models, you can link your credit card to an account in the relevant system (Android Pay or Apple Pay). This will enable you to pay with your phone in any of the thousands of stores that accept contactless payments.
– Did you know that you can scan any document or photo with your smartphone camera? To take full advantage of this feature, you’ll need to download one of the special applications that will not only recognize the document but also save it to the cloud and send a copy to the intended recipient.
– With an application called Google Goggles, you can find anything you want! This app’s peculiarity is in the fact that instead of typing in your search queries you are using your smartphone camera!
– Thanks to One-Touch-Go (OTG) function, any modern smartphone can be linked to a peripheral device including another smartphone! To do it, you need to fit one phone with a USB female adapter and the second phone with a micro-USB cable. After the phones identify the cable and the adapter you can safely connect them.

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I tried iPhone XS for 3 weeks! 😢 (Lifelong Android User)

I’m a lifelong Android guy, and I just switched to #iPhoneXS (daily driver) for 3 weeks.. it was fun and interesting! iPhone and iOS have some nice features, but too many things that force me to switch BACK to Android. Here’s my Pro’s and Con’s List of iPhone and iOS.

Which side are you on, #iPhone or #Android?! (My Instagram @schmanke poll was split down the middle, very surprisingly.)

Have you ever switched from one side to the other? Tell me your experiences down in the comments!

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END of Xiaomi? Honor 8X vs Redmi Note 6 Pro Full Comparison

#honor8x #redminote6pro #xiaomi

This is our comparison video between the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro and the Honor 8X to find out which one of these two budget devices is the best one for you to spend your hard earned money on.
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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro sports a 6.26 inch 19:9 Full HD+ notched display.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro comes with a Snapdragon 636 chip inside and has 3/32 GB as well as 4/64 GB RAM and Storage variants.

On the battery front, the Redmi Note 6 Pro has a 4,000mAh battery.

Coming to the camera we have a 13+5MP rear shooter that is coupled with a 20+2MP front shooter both having portrait mode functionality baked in.

On the software side we have MIUI 10 running the show.

The Honor 8X sports a 6.5 inch Full HD+ notched display.

The Honor 8X comes with a Hisilicon Kirin 710 chip and has 4/64 as well as 6/64 and 6/128 GB RAM and Storage variants.

On the battery front, the Honor 8X has a 3,750mAh battery.

Coming to the camera we have a 20+2MP rear shooter that is coupled with a 16MP front shooter both having portrait mode functionality baked in.

On the software side we have EMUI 8 based on Android 8 Oreo running the show.
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8 Tech Myths You Should Stop Believing

You must have heard various myths around technology but are they actually true? As it turns out, most tech myths aren’t true at all. Well, in this video, we bust all the tech myths. We show you 8 common tech myths that you should stop believing.

We are talking about various rooting & jailbreaking tech myths, myths around smartphones, Android myths, computer myths, battery myths, camera myths, network myths, torrent myths and various other tech myths.

Note: We are demonstrating this video using a Mi 6, Mi Mix and the HP Envy Windows laptop.

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Video Walkthrough:

1. Jailbreaking is illegal
2. Never Leave Battery Plugged In Overnight
3. More Megapixels = Better Camera
4. More Bars means Better Service
5. Torrents are Illegal
6. Bitcoin is Illegal
7. Free Services are Actually Free
8. Refreshing Windows Makes it Faster

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How does Xiaomi get away with copying Apple?

Apple Vs. Xiaomi? Tech Op-Ed by Lei.
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