10 SECRET Apps NOT On The Google Play Store

10 Android Apps You Cannot Find On The Google Play Store
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If you can’t stop wasting time on your Android phone every day, we are going to make things worst today. That’s because you won’t only download apps on the Google Play store but also somewhere else online. The reason why you can’t easily find them is that most of them are breaking the rules, and that’s the beauty of technology. Today, we are showing you 10 Secret Apps Not on the Google Play Store.

If you love streaming movies and TV shows, you will be happy to hear that you can watch them for free. We are not saying that this is the right thing to do, but this is something that you have the possibility to do. Popcorn Time and Live NetTV are two apps that you can use to binge-watch your favorite TV series all day.

We all love playing games, and you’ll be happy to hear that we found new apps where you can find tons of games for a better price. One is called Amazon App Store, and the other is Humble Bundle. The reason why they are not on Google Play is that they are their biggest competitor. They are the best option for those who love playing a lot of games and not waste their money.

Stay tuned to hear more about secret apps that you can’t find on the Google Play store like AdAway, TubeMate, XTunes, PokerStars, F-Droid, and Network Spoofer. The last one on this list will probably scare you! If you want to see more videos like this, don’t forget to visit our friends at TheHub!

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5 Things Android Phones CAN Do Even The iPhone X CAN’T

Reasons why Android is better than iPhone!
10 DIY Edible School Supplies / Prank Your Friends!
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When it comes to a competition between Android vs iPhone, there are pros and cons for each option. But there are certainly some things that Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can do that the iPhone X can’t do. Let us take you through five of them.

When Apple released the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, tech fans immediately started making comparisons between the iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8. That whole Samsung vs Apple competition has been going on for years in the smartphone world, so it’s no surprise. And we’re taking a look at five things that you won’t find on Apple’s latest model, like headphone jacks and Touch ID. If you like using fingerprint recognition, then you’ll be sad to hear it’s no longer available. In its place comes a 3D face scanner, called Face ID. Over on the Note 8, there’s also face recognition to unlock your phone, but there’s an iris scanner and fingerprint recognition too.

Other features that are different between the competing models include wireless and fast charging options, with accessories included for QuickCharge on the Android version. And we can’t forget that handy little tool that fans of the Galaxy Note series love: the stylus. The S-Pen is back, and it lets you create your own Live Message GIFs.

Watch our video to see five things Android phones can do even the iPhone X cant, including uninterrupted all-screen display, and tell us in comments which Android feature you think is the best! Are you Team Android or Team iPhone?

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7 Brilliant Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

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7 Ingenious Tricks and Life Hacks for Your Smartphone. They will help you overcome some everyday problems and make your life much easier. And don’t miss a cool bonus tip at the end!

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10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri!

Top things you shouldn’t say to Siri! Stuff you should never say to Apple iPhone’s Siri artificial intelligence app

We all love our smartphones and the lightning quick ability of them to connect us to anyone or to answer any question we have. When Siri first burst onto the scene in 2011 we all were instantly spoiled by her unique interface that made it even easier to control these hand-held wonders. But what can’t she do and what is her breaking point? There are just some questions that are better left unasked.

#10 “What is 0 divided by 0?”- If you ever want to ruin a Sesame Street character’s day and question every friendship you have– just ask Siri this seemingly simple math problem. She will respond with, “Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.” Whoa. Way to cut right through someone just for being curious…Whatever happened to “Does not compute”? On a related note if you ask Siri, “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?” She will give you another mysterious answer, “Well… I think I saw some nano-particles of blue fur around there?” So first you stick up for him and then you accuse him of theft? What kind of artificial friend are you?

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18 Things You DIDN’T KNOW About The BARBIE DOLL!

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10 Hidden Keyboard Secrets You Didn’t Know

10 Secret computer functions you need in your life.
10 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / School Pranks
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Whether you’re a Macbook or a Windows user, you probably know that both systems come with plenty of keyboard secrets that can help you work faster and stay productive. From finding a downloads folder with just a click, clearing all formatting, and restoring closed tabs to quickly defining a word, screenshotting a section, and bringing up emojis and accents, here are some of the best keyboard secrets you didn’t know about!

Let’s start with this hidden Windows keyboard shortcut that’s perfect for any college student or anyone who accidentally closes tabs and doesn’t know how to bring them back without going through Chrome’s history. Just use CTRL, Shift, and the letter ‘n’ to restore all closed tabs!

If you’re a Mac user, you have the option to easily get a definition of just about any word without having to install any extra extensions for your browser. Just use a combination of Command Key, Control, and the letter ‘D’ to get the definition of the highlighted word.

You can also easily bring up emojis and foreign characters if you’re a Macbook user. For foreign characters, just hold down the English version of the letter and find their alternative. For a selection of emojis, click Control, Command and Space.

What’s your favorite keyboard shortcut? Find out how to bring up emojis or what the shortcut is for a word definition on your Macbook in our video. If you’re a Windows user, we’ll show you how to restore closed tabs, a shortcut for Task Manager, how to quickly lock your laptop, and more!

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