#18 Android Application Development with Kotlin – Navigation Drawer

In this Android Application Development with Kotlin video, we will learn about creating Navigation Drawer. If you want to learn how to create a Navigation Drawer in Android using Kotlin, then watch the whole video.

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How to use Tabs with navigation drawer in android

In this video I will you how to use tabs with navigation drawer in android .

Hope you like this video.

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Kotlin RecyclerView Example – Building a RecyclerView with Kotlin

Kotlin RecyclerView Example

In this video we will learn how to create a very simple RecyclerView in Android using Kotlin Language.

We will learn
– Adding RecyclerView and CardView
– Creating Custom RecyclerView Adapter
– Creating RecyclerView

For more details and code you can visit

To download the source code click here

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Android Navigation Drawer Tutorial using Fragments – Updated

In this video we will see how we can create Android Navigation Drawer using Fragments. This is an updated tutorial done with the latest version of android studio.

So this Android Navigation Drawer Example will teach you creating Android Navigation Drawer in your Project.

You can also view the text tutorial and more details from this link

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Kotlin android development tutorial – Creating Toolbar for navigation

In this Kotlin android development tutorial we will be creating a ToolBar for our EditView. And adding that ToolBar to the main layout file.
We will also be adding javascript support to the WebView. And retain all the browser traffic in the same webview.

1 – Kotlin Webview https://youtu.be/FjNkbpmmsEI
2 – Kotlin Toolbar https://youtu.be/bEIxL6EOKLQ
3 – Kotlin Browser https://youtu.be/oJcsiFsSCVs
4 – Kotlin ArrrayList https://youtu.be/phcQfdp-5W4
5 – Kotling DialogFragment https://youtu.be/sQDm7J5RXrM
6 – Kotlin Interface https://youtu.be/P564Me4AA3k

To get access to the code descriptions, code and github bonus videos signup here https://goo.gl/6tDV38

In this tutorial we will cover:
– Adding the design library to support the toolbar theme
– Creating a ToolBar in a new layout file
– Adding action send icon to the EditText
– Including the toolbar layout in the main layout file
– Disabling the default ToolBar in the styles xml file
– Adding an action listener to the EditText
– Enabling javascript in the webview
– Retaining all the website links in the webview

Kotlin API’s covered:
– WebView.settings.javaScriptEnabled
– WebView.webViewClient
– EditText.setOnEditorActionListener

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Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2018

So we got Top 5 programming language to learn in 2018 and if you are just here for list, here we go:
#5 C#
#4 Swift
#3 Java/Kotlin
#1 Python
but this is not just about it. You are on youtube to watch more than just a list. In this video, I have backed up this list with my logic and little research. There is also a section of honorable mention too.

Check https://courses.learncodeonline.in to learn these programming languages. Apps are also available for Android and iOS platform.


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