#2.3 What is RESTful Web Service? Introduction to Web Service. Retrofit Android

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Android Kotlin tutorial. Explore the following:
1. What is Web Service?
2. What makes a Web Service REST full
3. Properties of RESTful web service
4. HTTP methods in Web Service. GET POST PUT DELETE etc
5. Explore how to create consistent URL for Web Service

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REST API & RESTful Web Services Explained

What is REST API? REST stands for Representational State Transfer and API stands for Application Programming Interface.

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Representational – the resource (image, page, video, profile) is represented by the web server to the client in any format like HTML, Image, JSON, XML etc.

State – the state of the application (web site) on a client’s computer changes as the client clicks from one link to the next. Ask the client clicks on the link, they request additional resources, and the application “state” changes.

Transfer – the transfer of resources from the web server to the client in a “representational” state which can be read by the client or implemented in the application program by the programmer. The transfer may also refer to the application state transfer as the client browses a web site.

API – application programming interface provides useful methods/functions which a programmer can implement into his own application in a chosen programming language like PHP. The API makes it easy for programmers to implement. It’s important to note that the response we get when sending REST API request will usually be in JSON, XML or other format which makes it easy to implement in the code and it’s not meant to be read immediately by a human being.

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SQL Databases and the Firebase Database – The Firebase Database For SQL Developers #1

Check out more information about the Firebase Database in the official documentation: https://goo.gl/audH62

Welcome to the first video in the Firebase Database for SQL Developers series!

This lesson compares the fundamentals of SQL database to NoSQL databases like the Firebase Database.

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Introduction to AngularJS

Introduction to AngularJS
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Top 8 Web Development Trends 2019

Web Development will continue evolving quickly in 2019. Here are the top 8 web development trends you should not miss in 2019.


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What is Git and Github?

In this video we introduce you to git and github and how it can help you collaborate on software development projects effectively.

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