2 4A High Speed Charging Magnetic Cable For iPhone and Android KindleCup com

Product Features
100% brand new and high quality guarantee.
Support charging for most popular Android phone and tablet (with Micro USB port), like Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Blackberry and even for digital camera, toys and Pad. (not fit for Samsung Galaxy S5).
Get yours here: https://kindlecup.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/2-4a-high-speed-charging-magnetic-cable-for-iphone-and-android
Magnetic quick connect to usb cable within 1 second, one handed operation is very convenient even in the dark.
Max output current up to 2.4A, make charging faster. Also can transfer date.
High quality Metal plug, made of high quality material, shock-resistance, anti-corrosive.
Fashion Leading Technology Magnetic Charging, release your hands.
Strong and durable, nylon braided and aluminum casing, when folding and bending 30000 times it will not damage.
With indicator light.

Device Type: Micro USB Charging Cable Magnetic Adapter
Material : PC, metal
Cable Length: Approx 1m / 3.3ft
Current : Max 2.4A
Color: Gold, Rose Gold & Black

Magnetic Charging Cable for your Phone!

Magnetic charging cable for Android & iPhone Review | Best accessory for your smartphone | The only charging cable you need.

Magnetic Cable Links ~
For iPhone/iPad — https://goo.gl/VKcCJi
For Android — https://goo.gl/rtjNg4
For More Apple Accessories — https://goo.gl/R26mr4
Today’s Unbeatable Deals — https://goo.gl/kGmeGQ

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Top 5 – Best Magnetic USB Cable / Magnetic Charging cable for Laptop, Android and Iphone #01

Top 5 – Best Magnetic USB Cable / Magnetic Charging cable for Laptop, Android and Iphone.

1.Bolt: World’s 1st USB-C Magnetic Cable For MacBook
World’s first USB-C magnetic cable with support for 87W charging of 13-inch, 15-inch Mac and more.

Indiegogo link: https://goo.gl/vk2JVt

2. ASAP Connect: The future of USB cables
Revolutionary 18K gold plated magnetic USB cable changing the way you connect to your phone forever

Indiegogo link: https://goo.gl/LwuuoU

3. ANCHOR CABLE – Last cable you will ever need
ANCHOR CABLE – Worlds first stainless steel magnetic CROSS DEVICE charging cable with USB type-C enabled and LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Kickstarter link: https://goo.gl/Yvuabw

4. MagCable. A magnetic cable that changes charging experience

Kickstarter link : https://goo.gl/vAYfjF

5. MACNETO: World’s 1st Multi-Device Compatible Magnetic Cable

Kickstarter link: https://goo.gl/26PR6b

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Make a premium DIY stylus in 1.5 minutes!! for tablet/phones

In this video,I will show you how to make premium looking stylus.
Unlike previous stylus it doesn’t required wet cotton.
If you haven’t watched my previous stylus video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M04q7gqnu6A

Music-Unison Aperature NCS]

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Finding the best Magnetic USB Cable

Magnetic Micro USB and Lightning Cables seem to be a thing, so in this video I try to find the best one. CLICK ‘SHOW MORE’
After trying over £70 worth of cables – my pick is the WSKEN Mini 2. It is available in either Lightning or Micro USB versions and can be purchased from one of the links below.
WSKEN (these links are for both the Lightning & Micro USB cables)
UK http://goo.gl/pb4JpR
US http://goo.gl/d25Dj5
CA http://goo.gl/99XTAu
DE http://goo.gl/UZ9I8k
AU http://goo.gl/PdjWJB
NL http://goo.gl/8777pf

The SweetLF Micro USB magnetic Adaptor can be found below
Amazon UK http://amzn.to/2bninhm
Amazon US http://amzn.to/2b1kYbE

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(NEW method) “Simple Fix” for phone not charging/syncing, loose cell phone charger cord. #20

(CC) (HD) A NEW charge port cleaning METHOD with a FULL DEMONSTRATION. Works with Android, ANYTHING mini/micro USB, Apple + Apple “lightening” charge port, USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and upcoming standard USB – C version 3.1. Did your cell phone suddenly stop charging? Is your charge cord loose, or falling out as well? There’s a VERY COMMON CAUSE for this. This is an update for the video I made in 2012.
Please pay attention to my comments at 1:22, AND from 3:10 to 3:50! They are VERY IMPORTANT to know!
Pay close attention to ALL the warnings in this video, as damage “will” occur if a person applies “excessive pressure or force” to the small “pin row/tab” in the charging port of their device! Do at your own risk! If you have ANY doubts in your ability to perform this procedure, take your device to a qualified person who can safely repair it.

This problem can potentially affect EVERYONE who carries their phone or device in their pocket, purse, coveralls, work clothes, and more!.

Symptoms include,
• your phone or device has “stopped charging”,
• it charges only when you push or wiggle the charge plug in your phone/device,
• it charges intermittently, or charges VERY slowly,
• your charge cord does not seem to “lock-in”,
• the charge cord plug keeps falling out of your phone/device.
(This video “could” apply to ANY DEVICE that uses the “micro-USB style” charging port) IPhone/IPod charge ports are also vulnerable too.

WARNING!!!!!… NEVER EVER force, pry, or twist any object or tool in any way in the charging port of your device! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to my warnings here, and in this video, as damage WILL result if you do not!

BTW, if your phone/device has a VERY SLOW charge, I have an information video I put up which you might find helpful.
Here is the link for that one;- http://youtu.be/aghjvzOXc8Q

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DISCLAIMER; – WARNING: This video is provided for entertainment and promotional purposes only. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, instructions and advice contained in this video. No one is liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on information contained in this video or in the related comments. Be safe! Anything you try will be done at YOUR OWN RISK!

Also, If you have found this video helpful, please check out my other video
titled, “Simple Fix” for “Earbuds not working”, “Earphones not working” or “Earbuds cutting out”. It may help you! Thanks. http://youtu.be/BjHEfjFwueo

And…. I have many more helpful videos!

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