4500 Rupees | $59 Official Android TV – Mi Box S Review!

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This is my video on the Xiaomi Mi Box S, one of the cheapest Android TV boxes available on the market right now!

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Where to Buy Xiaomi Mi Box S – https://ebay.to/2PLW041

Download Amazon Prime TV: https://bit.ly/2IB5sFk

The Mi Box S is an official Android TV streaming box with support for Google Play Store and Google Assistant.

The Mi Box S supports 4K HDR streaming along with Dolby Digital Audio.

Internally the new Mi Box S Pro sports a quad core Amlogic processor, 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage. It also comes with Google Chromecast technology built into it.

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Smartphone Awards 2018!

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Xiaomi Mi Box S: Next level Chromecast!

Looking to go further than a Chromecast in smarting up a TV without breaking the bank? The Xiaomi Mi Box S might be the ticket. Let’s check out this very affordable Android TV device!

Get it for yourself at the new low price!

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Why Samsung lets Huawei win

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Samsung’s phone sales are dropping. But I think this is all part of a greater plan by Samsung (The Story Behind – Ep. 38)



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Dubai Billionaire $17 Million House Tour !!!

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Delhi ke Special Chole Kulche | 20 rs me 2 Piece | Street Food Heaven in India

Delhi ke Special Chole Kulche | 20 rs me 2 Piece | Street Food Heaven in India

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