5 Unique top android apps of the week | Best App 30 september 2017 in telugu

5 Unique top android apps of the week | Best App 30 september 2017 in telugu
Download Links :
cornea : http://bit.ly/2h5Ym1I
tapet : http://bit.ly/2fy14t5
spherify : http://bit.ly/2yyt0oi
Transcriber : http://bit.ly/2xN0hhL
Yonomy : http://bit.ly/2yN8z86

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5 Unique top android apps of the week | Best App 30 september 2017 in telugu these are the best android apps of the week
first app is cornea where you can edit your photos and the edited photos will have rating depending on the edits you have done
second app is tapet where you can change the background of phone every 10 mins and you get best wallpapers from this apps
spherify is the third unique app where you can make globe selfies
and the next app is transcriber where you can convert the voice messages to text and finally the fifth app is yonomy where you can earn money by playing quiez
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android best camera fun app ever | amazing crabs 3d effect on your floor | I TECH

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2D intro
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Best Security app on the App Store for iphone – iAntiTheft

Need the security of a dedicated alarm clock for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad? We listen out for the best alarm apps for all your Apple iDevices.
With iAnti-Theft, you can always protect your phone without any fear of theft, with 4 strong protection modes:
● Power: alarm theft when lightning cable is un-plugged.
● Motion: alarm theft when device is moved.
● Pocket: alarm theft when phone is picked out from pocket.
● Earpod: alarm theft when ear-phone is un-plugged.
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In this video there is a number of five amazing and cool gadgets for your cars. Even better, all car gadgets in this clip is available on today. The prices mentioned in the video may change when you get to the actual amazon page. These are still som really cool gadgets, that won’t break the bank. All amazon gadgets are linked below, please enjoy!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -­ – – – – –
0:12 – Radiomize: https://goo.gl/GNJD78
2:27 – Kiwi 3: https://goo.gl/2PBYCX
3:47 – Purggo: https://goo.gl/43VQFk
5:30 – Auto I: https://goo.gl/Pdc1NU
8:04 – Car Droid: https://goo.gl/Muc64T
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -­ – – – – –
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Top 7 Best Apps for Android – October (2017)

Best Apps for Android Smartphone (2017)
Top 7 best apps for Galaxy S8/Note 8/S8 Plus

Material Notification Shade
Download link: https://goo.gl/FpwdAs

This app allows you to color your notification panel, have different notification shades for each application and even change the color of the group of icons available in the notification panel. It is basically a replacement for your stock notification panel and its free and it does not require any root. Customize your notification panel with different colors, new colors, new styles, etc.

You also get the ability to change the color of the notification accent – but that would be best to work with a dark theme which you can select by going into notification theme and selecting dark.

You can choose to snooze the notification so that it comes back to you after a time interval that you want it to come by.

Shush! Ringer Restorer
Download link: https://goo.gl/r7MW9

When you turn your ringer off for a movie or when you are entering into a meeting or a discussion, this app automatically would turn it back on automatically after a specific duration and you get to set that as soon as you put your phone on vibrate or silent.
Just set the time after which you think it should come back on and it would you are all set.

AMOLED Live Wallpaper
Download link: https://goo.gl/GGsLJA

If you’ve got an AMOLED display, then this live wallpaper would look even better on your screen. While it looks really cool, vibrant and stunning – it’s also designed very intelligently. Live wallpaper with curvy waves, colorful lines, swirling on the homescreen. Battery friendly live wallpaper. Best live wallpaper for AMOLED smartphones.

Fondo – 4K wallpapers
Download link: https://goo.gl/hjnokJ

Let your phone’s screen enjoy the exciting and colorful world of Digital Art, Abstract, Typography, Landscape, Pattern, Material and many other 4K wallpaper art forms. FONDO 4K wallpapers are daily updated wallpapers that are nowhere else to be found and are handmade in house by our team. We create digital, material, pattern 4K wallpaper art that can change your mood & inspire you every day. Every time you pick up your phone you’ll feel amazed. You are going to make FONDO the new love affair of your phone!
Want to see the best and most popular wallpapers? Go to the popular tab where wallpapers automatically gain popularity so it’s easy to find what’s trending worldwide. Popular art wallpaper every day! Crisp, highly detailed backgrounds that you’ll love to enjoy daily.

Clipboard Actions
Download: https://goo.gl/ZYGLP0

Clipboard Actions creates actions based on your copied text shows them in the status bar as notification or in a nice list in the App. Copy anything you want using your S Pen and clipboard actions will show contextually relevant options in the notification panel.

Lockscreen iPhone X style
Download link: https://goo.gl/b1Diwn

If you’re an iPhone fan, then you can get the lockscreen look of the latest and the most talked about iPhone X on your Android phone right away. Want an iPhone X Lock Screen style on your android device? The best iPhone X Lock Screen application for android. You will get the cool iOS 11 lock screen to make your device look stylish.

You’ve got the nice pink and blue gradient as the background, the same notification style as the iOS 11 in the iPhone X. You can swipe down to access the control center and all of these toggles and controls work amazingly well on your Android as well.

Newton Mail
Download link: https://goo.gl/7LhZ9s

Newton is a subscription-based service that supercharges your email with power features like Read Receipts, Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Connected Apps and more across Android Phone, Tablet and Wear. Comes with a 14-day free trial.

You can add as many email configurations as you want and customize each with a color of your choice. The app looks beautiful, colorful and refreshing. You’ve got swipe gestures that offer more utility than you can imagine. Short swipes and long swipes from the left or the right could do multiple functions depending on what you want to do.

Snooze your email notifications to come again later.
Email read receipts.
Compose and Schedule your emails to be sent at a later time.

If you are a productivity god, you can also connect your ToDoIst or pocket or Evernote account as well.

The royalty-free music used in this video is ‘Back To The Stars’ by Nazar Rybak.
(www.melodyloops.com), licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”. I have given credit for the use of this music at the end in the video description.
Here is a link to the terms of the license:

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Best video player 2017 || best android video player

Hii friends,is video m maine ek android video player ke baare me bataya hai,jo ki mx player se kahi jyada best player hai,jisme aapko grid view ke saath online videos bhi mil jayenge aur bahut kam ads milenge…

1.My mic
2.My green screen
3.Mobile stablizer

Usefull Apps videos
Technology explain videos

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