A New Android Market for Phones

Now you can find apps and games, rent movies and buy books in Android Market on your phone.

(Books and Movies available only in the U.S.)

Street View hops on the train to capture the Swiss Alps

See the images: http://goo.gl/SOXHU

In cooperation with Rhaetian Railway, our Street View team has collected images from one of the world’s most scenic railway routes—the Albula-Bernina line in Switzerland which is also a UNESCO Heritage site.

Channel: Google
Published: 2011-10-19 20:47:58
Duration: 1M29S
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Take Google Maps inside IKEA

More info: http://maps.google.com/starthere

Find your way around IKEA using Google Maps on your Android phone. The Google Maps indoor display details the store’s layout, from one floor to the next. Figure out how to get from home furnishings to Swedish meatballs, right from the palm of your hand. To learn more, Start here.


Channel: Google
Published: 2011-11-28 22:25:17
Duration: 1M17S
Views: 467564
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Earth View in Google Maps

Earth view is a new feature in Google Maps that allows you to see maps in 3D. Simply click the Earth button to explore 3D imagery and terrain from around the world in your browser. Learn more at http://maps.google.com/earthview
Channel: Google
Published: 2010-04-20 20:13:59
Duration: 2M5S
Views: 18145757
Likes: 7172
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Doodle 4 Google 2011 Event

Announcement event for the national Doodle 4 Google 2011 contest.
Channel: Google
Published: 2011-07-14 00:04:19
Duration: 2M22S
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Earth Outreach: Changing the World with Maps

Visit http://earth.google.com/outreach
More videos: http://www.youtube.com/earthoutreach

Explore, create and connect with Google Earth Outreach. Explore our gallery of public-benefit maps in the Showcase. Create maps with the help of online tutorials and tools. Connect with others and apply for grants in the Community.

Channel: Google
Published: 2012-03-26 23:40:25
Duration: 1M56S
Views: 1413360
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