AEX Pie 9.0 For The Nexus 6 “AOSP Extended”

AEX Pie 9.0 For The Nexus 6 Or AOSP Extended made by Rely2012

Here we go, this is rom #2 in Pie or Android 9.0 for the Nexus 6 and it is working well too. Just like the other Pie builds for this device you must be decrypted to instal it. Any questions about decryption and how to do it, please watch my last 2 videos or at least my last released video on this subject. Here is a link to my last video on getting rid of encryption

Here is the XDA Thread by Rely2012 with all the information on this rom and all the download links you need.

This is the AEX Google Plus Community link

Here is the Substratum Theme I was Running

This is one of my Google Plus Communities “Hayes Tech and Rom Reviews” where you can sugest or request a review or just search for other videos I made or just post. Have fun.

How To: Get rid of Forced Encryption/Install Android Pie 9.0

How To: Get rid of Forced Encryption/Install Android Pie 9.0 NitrogenOS by Nittin Chobhe.
I did this video because of the influx of emails and messages I received from my last video on NitrogenOS Pie. All the questions asked or issued remarked on involved forced encryption. So please watch the entire video. It is long…. But I leave nothing out and give solid instructions and demo on decryption and then flashing this rom on the Nexus 6.
This will show how to tell if you are encrypted and then how to unencrypt your device and install the latest build of NitrogenOS Pie Android 9.0 by Nittin Chobhe on your Nexus6. This is his latest build and has the force close issues resolved.
Here is the link to nittin.chobhe’s XDA thread where you can get your downloads links for the rom and gapps

Link to Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) for the Nexus 6 (download link site)

Link to official TWRP thread on XDA

Link to my Google Plus community Hayes Tech and Rom Reviews

Here is a link to a really nice USB OTG card reader on Amazon

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LG Urbane 2 LTE “Worth buying in 2018?”

LG Urbane 2 LTE “Worth buying in 2018?”
If you can purchase one in mint condition for around $100 bucks, like I did, the the answer is… LOL… Watch the video for my answer.
Link to Swappa
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Six years of Nexus: A Google phone history

What do you guys think about the possible end to the Nexus branded smartphone? We have heard reports of a possible Nexus tablet made by Huawei, but what about the phones? Let us know your thoughts!

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Best Cheap Watch Ever

An ovweview of a couple really awesome watches that start at about $10.00 and go to about $40.00.
Here is the link to the Cheap $1000 watch

Link to the Casio ABC Watch with compass, altimeter and barometer

Link to my Google Plus Community “Hayes Tech and Rom Reviews”

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How To Flash AOSiP Oreo and Custom Popcorn Kernel on Nexus 6

How To Flash AOSiP Oreo amd Custom Kernel on Nexus 6.
This is just a quick tutorial on how to flash AOSiP and Popcorn Kernel on the Nexus 6. This is the Oreo version and is the latest build of both the rom and the kernel.

Link to AOSiP for Nexus 6 on XDA

Link to Popcorn Kernel for Nexus 6 XDA

Link to FED Patch v8 on XDA. This is on the Nexus 9 Forum but this patch works on almoxt all Nexus devices including Nexus 6, 6p, Nexus 9 and a couple otherd, although I have only tested it on those 3 devices.

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