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amazon gift card hack 2017On March 31st, 2015, Amazon launched the Amazon Dash button in an attempt to change the paradigm by which we regularly purchase consumables.**August 10th, Ted Benson publishes details for a fairly involved Amazon button hack on**August 26th , A coworker brings one in to work, throws it on my desk, and I explode in excitement. Unaware of what it was, and the work done by Ted, I set foot on writing my own exploit.**September 1st, With a successful working exploit in my toolbox, I finished writing a pairing procedure for the button and host computer as well as implemented a rudimentary ability to handle multiple buttons with ease.**tldr;**Wanna use your Amazon Dash Button for things other than buying stuff? Check out this program that will change your world!**Update 7/16/2016*Daemon Version 4.0 is now up and running! As per the old update, this ible will not be updated to reflect the new features. Visit the GitHub for instructions on how to use the latest features!*Also, Windows Defender flags my program for some reason. False positive obviously. A report has already been submitted to Microsoft for review. If you don’t trust the EXE, review and run directly from the source;) that’s the beauty of open source software!**Update 7/3/2016:*GitHub files have been updated, program is now open source under the Creative Commons License, newer daemon and Discovery program available! A few things have changed and the program should work with all of the newer buttons, but I’ve decided not to update this ible yet. Gonna make some bigger changes and write a second ible for it!**Step 1: Requirements**What you will need:**An Amazon Dash Button (any product will do)*A Windows PC*Because I can’t be bothered to program anything else*An Android or iOS smartphone or computer with Wifi*Required to join the button to wireless*A home or work wireless network*Class C subnet or smaller (ignore this if you’re setting it up at home)*The desire to subvert Amazon*An app or file to open on said PC*A picture!*A program! (calc.exe lol)*A URL ( !)*Endless possibilities!For years, Amazon lost money as Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos ignored Wall Street’s concerns and poured billions into such initiatives as e-readers, robot-enhanced warehouses, smartphones, tablets, and television shows. Yet in July, the company posted its fifth straight quarterly profit. Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing division, alone had sales of $7.9 billion last year. “We could have stuck to the knitting,” Bezos wrote in Amazon’s most recent annual report. “I’m glad we didn’t. Or did we?”**Amazon’s ambitions depend on the continued success of its Prime service. For $99 a year, Amazon Prime customers get two-day delivery at no extra charge. Those who sign up tend to spend almost three times as much as their non-Prime peers. The company zealously guards its numbers, but Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates that Amazon had 63 million Prime members as of late June—19 million more than the year before. Amazon keeps subscribers in the fold by lavishing them with perks such as free access to Amazon Video, the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and trial subscriptions to the Washington Post, which Bezos, a billionaire many times over, purchased for $250 million in cash three years ago. But more than anything, Prime members sign up for that fast shipping, which keeps getting faster. In many large cities, subscribers can now get free two-hour delivery on more than 25,000 items they might otherwise have bought at Walgreens or 7-Eleven. For an additional $7.99, orders arrive within an hour. Some company executives joked that the service should be called Amazon Magic; they went with Prime Now.If you are spending money on Amazon, there are plenty of ways to save your money (and time) when shopping. We’ve put together a list of thirty Amazon-specific and Amazon Prime-specific hacks & perks to take advantage of. Check it out:**amazon-perks-hacks**1. Convert your old prepaid gift cards into Amazon gift cards**If you have a prepaid gift card with a low balance, like a $50 Visa card that’s been used to pay for a $47.33 purchase leaving $2.67 on the card, you can convert that into an Amazon gift card for yourself fairly easily. This is particularly useful if the prepaid card expires or devalues after a set time. Here are the steps:**Check the exact card balance using the number / site on the back of the card.*Log into Amazon and head over to an email delivery gift card, like this one.*Enter the exact card balance, enter an email address of yours, send and use your payment card.*After receiving the code via email, click “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” in the Your Account section.*2. Get a refund if the price drops on TVs (within 30 days)**EDIT: Amazon used to offer price adjustment refunds on all products within 7 days. That is no longer an option as of early May 2016. It’s only on TVs now.**If the price drops on a televi

Make $1000 Amazon Gift Card With this App (2017)

Make $1000 Amazon Gift Card With this App (2017)

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tinder hack super likeSmart Photos was the brainchild of Tinder machine learning lead Mike Hall, who proposed the tool at a company hackathon and assembled a team to build a prototype. Tinder’s in-house research team, including a resident sociologist named Jess Carbino, had already drawn up some general rules for the types of photos that don’t work that well—pics where part of your face is covered or you’re not smiling or you’re wearing a hat—but that didn’t account for the subtleties of personal taste. With machine learning, Tinder can reduce the chance that your labradoodle photo turns up on the phone of someone with dog allergies. And with one-armed bandit testing, it can show most people the profile photo that most people find appealing.**Deep neural networks can recognize images in photos, and Tinder says it is also using a machine learning system that recognizes patterns in user behavior, both for individuals and groups of like-minded people. “Given the scale of Tinder’s user base and the high level of engagement from Tinder users,” the company says, “we can start optimizing and personalizing their Tinder experience quickly.” It says that people swipe about 1.4 billion times a day.However, to impersonate the secure web server, Fiddler needs a SSL certificate. Fiddler dynamically generates a SSL certificate for this purpose. However, since this certificate is not signed by a Trusted Root Certification Authority, it won’t be trusted by the client (the mobile app). If the mobile app does not trust the web server, it will not talk to it. This can be easily fixed by installing Fiddler’s cert on the mobile device. Fiddler’s cert can be exported by pulling up Fiddler Options from the Tools menu.****Now that we have installed Fiddler’s cert on the mobile device, we need to route all traffic from the mobile phone to Fiddler. There are multiple ways to do this. One easy way is to proxy the traffic to the computer running Fiddler. Fiddler’s proxy server listens on port 8888 by default.****Let’s assume the local IP address of the computer is (You can get your machine’s IP address by invoking ipconfig on Windows). On an Android device, proxy settings can be set along with the WiFi settings by checking “Show advanced options” as below.****Now that everything has been setup, it’s time to have some fun. Launch Tinder on your mobile device and watch the requests flow in real time!I’ve lost track of the number of friends who’ve asked me about Tinder. It’s the most popular dating app nowadays. For those of you who haven’t heard about Tinder before, It’s basically an application that matches people based on their physical attraction. So If you see someone you like, you have to swipe right, but you won’t be able to chat with this person, until he/she swipes right as well. So how to See Who Likes You On Tinder?**see who likes you on tinder**Tinder users face a lot of privacy issues, because the application will display your first name as well as your pictures from Facebook, and it will even list the commune Facebook friends you have with this person. Which makes it easy for creeps to find your real Facebook profile, and stalk you.**However the main feature that people really like about the application, is that you can’t know if the person likes you, unless you like them as well.
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Cyber’s Free Amazon Generator+Download!!

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5 steps is all it takes to get free tv and movies. Cable cutters REJOICE!! Follow me as i Initialize a Amazon firestick for the first time and show you how to hack it to bring free content to your television.

Amazon Fire stick:

Equipment That I Use:

Canon 70D Bundle
by Canon

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX II Digital Zoom Lens (AF-S Motor)

Lightdow 12 x 12 Inch (30 x 30 cm) White Balance 18% Gray Reference Reflector Grey Card with Carry Bag

Rode Video Mic Go

Joby GP1-A1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod (Grey)

Neewer® 600W 5500K Photo Studio Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit for Product,Portrait and Video Shoot Photography

Neewer® Camera Photo Video 14″Outer 10″Inner 400W 5500K Photographic Lamp Ring Fluorescent Flash Light

Cut and Run Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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