AmI-2018-L20: Task manager in Android

Lecture 20, date 2018-05-31: Task manager in Android.

Course: Ambient Intelligence, Politecnico di Torino, year 2018

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For over 4-5 years, Todoist has been my go-to to-do list application.
In the last 3-months, I’ve been using another application as my daily task manager. So, have I stuck with Todoist or moved to this new app?! In today’s feature, I’ll share a few of my musings around this and how I came to try this experiment.

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0:20 – Introduction to this video
0:40 – YouTube comments
0:55 – What calendar apps work on iOS + web, with tasks?
2:35 – Can I share Google Tasks list with others?
3:10 – Does Evernote Plus exist?!
4:12 – Todoist: Goodbye Todoist

– Todoist Set-up
– 2-3 months of THings 3
– Things 3 vs Todoist
– Bad Things of Things 3
– How to Transfer Task Managers

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Filmed & Edited by Francesco D’Alessio
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In a nutshell, Keep Productive is your guide to productivity software.

Keep Productive is a community dedicated to helping you find the best productivity applications and achieving your goals through interviews/advice with experts in the productivity field. We’re continually growing an evolving towards the mission of being supportive to your everyday productivity.


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How to Connect Two Computers Via LAN Cable in Windows 7

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This is an updated version of Jay Shapiro’s previous “How to make a mobile app in under 25min” video, with over 1 million views. In this version Harrison shows how AppMakr (acquired by Infinite Monkeys in 2013) can have easy to make icons and functions for his mobile web site, his blog, click-to-call and many others.

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My Notion Set-up 2018

The most-anticipated set-up video to date. Finally, my Notion set-up!

Notion is one of the most recent entries in my workflow and set-up. Notion provides me with a lot so far for holistic planning. Using it to plan the next week, 3-months and 5-years help me to get ahead.

This has been requested by a lot of people after seeing my social media statuses on this, so I really do hope you enjoy this one guys!

Here’s my full Notion set-up video:


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– Why Notion is the App to Watch in 2018:———13—————-

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Creating an app (Database) that works with Google Sheets!

After spending some time looking, and being disappointed with the lack of database maker via google, I found a great website called Appsheet ( that allows you to link your google spreadsheet and create an app (and share that app). It backs up on your spreadsheet!
Channel: Charlene Sphon
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