Android #17 Demo Reel – Voice Impression

A Demo Reel of Artificial Human (Android) #17 from Dragon Ball Z. Based on his English Dub by Chuck Huber.

Android #17 & #18 Theme by Bruce Faulconer:


Android 17 interrupts Universe 2’s Tranformation (Subbed)

Savage lol
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Justin Mane: Acting Demo Reel (Alternate Version) – August 2017

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Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black Demo Reel – Voice Impression

A demo reel of Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super. Based on his English Dub from Xenoverse 2. Enjoy, mortals.

Dragon Ball Super OST
The Demonic Being, Black! –


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Android 17 Meets Marron Krilin And Android 18

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