Android App Debugging & SwipeRefreshLayout Implementation

Working on my Android app. Programming in Kotlin. Implementing SwipeRefreshLayout into my app in a few fragments. This is how I’m teaching myself Android application development.

My first live stream so it is a bit rusty/awkward…I’ll get better :p

1:35 – Starting point of application
3:26 – The struggle begins…
16:36 – I realize that SwipeRefreshLayout can wrap my ScrollView, not just my LinearLayout…
20:40 – Fix home screen so that SwipeRefreshLayout works but no onRefreshListener implemented
22:21 – Researching onRefreshListener implementation
24:57 – Implementing onRefreshListener
31:20 – onRefreshListener finished for home fragment
34:30 – Researching SwipeRefreshLayout for rankings fragment
36:30 – Demo of TapTargetView library (
39:53 – Find other guy’s code for SwipeRefreshLayout in rankings fragment
42:05 – SwipeRefreshLayout implementation for rankings fragment
50:20 – SwipeRefreshLayout and onRefreshListener works for rankings fragment
53:02 – Conclusion

How to add Swipe To Refresh Layout to Android app – Android Studio

It’s easy.
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Customizing Timber Behavior

In this video you’ll learn how to customize Timber logging behavior. This video includes:

– Customize the Tag in Timber to include source code line numbers
– Only log debug in the debug builds using build variants
– Restrict logging for release build variants.
– How to log caught exceptions to crash reporting tools like Crashlytics

Watch more videos at or my YouTube channel –

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Set Up a Home Hacking & Programming Lab Pt. 2

*Sorry in advance for the echo/reverb in my microphone in some parts of the video…I will fix this for future videos*

This video will show you some additional features available in Virtualbox such as shared folders, snapshots, and more. We will create a backup of our installation so that from this point forward, you always have a correctly configured lab environment to revert to in case anything breaks. So go ahead and mess around wi

~~ Links ~~
VirtualBox Extension Pack:

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Linux Command Line for Beginners

This video takes you through the process of getting comfortable using the command line. The Linux manual pages are by far the best place to start. Here are also some solid resources to get started learning how to use the Linux command line:

Top 50 Linux Commands:
The Linux Command Line (free e-book):

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Introduction to Linux for Beginners

New to Linux? Want to learn how to use the command line like a REAL hacker/programmer? This video is the first in a new playlist that will serve as an beginners guide to start using the Linux operating system.

This video is broken up into three parts:
1) The Linux Filesystem
2) The Linux Command Line
3) Who is Root & What is Sudo?

Linux commands cheat sheet:

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