Android App Development 2017 – Java Programming for Android (Coming Soon)

This is Android App Development 2017 and this is an announcement about a new series of Java Programming for Android for Developers. The reason that I am making this tutorial is because I have received a lot of questions about Android. Yet the problems mostly are not because of Android itself but of Java programming background. This tutorial will fill a missing piece of puzzle in the Android programming world. You will learn Java fundamentals, class and object, java collection, java inheritance, java interface, java abstract class, design patterns from Gang of Four (GoF) etc.

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Android App Development 2017
Java Programming for Android Developers 2017

How to Become an Android Developer From Scratch – App Lab

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If you want to become an Android developer and don’t know where to start then this video gives you an explanation on the steps you need to take plus all the resources you need to get started. Being an Android developer allows you to build cutting edge Apps and experiences for users all around the world using just a laptop!

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Fastest Ways to Find High CPC Keywords in 5 Simple Steps (High Paying Keywords Tips 2016)

Fastest Ways to Find High CPC Keywords in 5 Simple Steps
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High CPC Keywords: In this video, I will show you exactly the the best way, the fastest ways to find high CPC keywords in just 5 simple steps. If you are looking for a video that tell you everything how to get high paying keywords (cost per click or CPC) on each time people click on your ads, this video is for you.

First you need to find a long tail keyword. Basically, a long tail keyword is simply a combination of 4 words or more. You can find a good long tail keyword in Google, and look for a suggestion in Google. If you want to do a YouTube video, you need to find it in YouTube as well. You should not look for a keyword that has too many results. Then, you need to go Keyword Planner, the good old tool from Google AdWords. There you can find how many search that people are trying to search in a month. You should find a keyword that has medium or high competition and high suggest bid. High suggest bid means high CPC keyword. Next, you need to find it again in SEMRush to see the result ads result. After that, you need to MOZ Keyword Explorer to see a difficulty, opportunity and potential. Last but not least, you can find a catchy keyword in tweakyourbiz title generator. After you apply these 5 simple steps, you will increase your adsense revenue. That’s it for adsense tips to find high CPC keywords.

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Oum Saokosal

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How to Make Android Apps

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I will show you how to make Android apps. This is the beginning of a large tutorial series. I will do my best improve on the first tutorial by following all of the suggestions I have received.

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What is Java? Java Programming Language Tutorial# 1 This video introduces Java platform and what is java used for. It explains why Java Programming Language is a platform as well a programming language
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Simple Techniques to More Subs on YouTube w/ End Screens Annotation | Kosal Khmer Tech

Simple Techniques to More Subs on YouTube 2016 at Kosal Khmer Tech. In this video I will show you exactly the techniques step by step to get more subscribes on your YouTube channel by using auto subscribe code and YouTube new update feature End Screen and Annotation.

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1. how to make money online (រៀនរកលុយតាម internet)
2. how to make money on YouTube (រៀនរកលុយតាម YouTube)
3. how to make money on Facebook (រៀនរកលុយតាម Facebook)
4. Programming: Android, Java, Javascript, jQuery, C#, VB.NET, C++

5. Web Design and WordPress

then you came to the right place. This channel will provide you the most update techniques spoken in Khmer language.

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