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Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn for 2017

Obviously I have a strong bias for the languages that I already know, but my list of top languages to learn in 2017 is this:

1. Javascript (NodeJS and ReactJS)
2. SQL (A database query language)
3. Swift (iOS) and Java/Kotlin (Android)
4. Google Golang/Go
5. PHP and Rails

To be a well rounded software developer, you should probably understand how web frontend, mobile apps, and backends work to create a great user experience. Knowing the above languages will cover most of what is important in the world today.

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Step by Step Mobile App Development Process – Zco Corporation – Learn all about working with developers for hire and the custom mobile app development process here at Zco Corporation. From the initial idea through consultation with our experts, then final delivery and marketing to your customers, Zco is there for you. Zco has created hundreds of custom mobile applications for our clients on iPhone and iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Work with our mobile app developers on your app ideas. Call us at (603) 881-9200 for a quote.

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Introduction To Android App Developer Training Course | Simplilearn

Our Certified Android App Developer course ensures that you become a professional android app developer. Designed to propel your application development career, this course takes you through the basic as well as advanced concepts in Android app development. You will acquire necessary skillsets and experience for professional Android application development by building 4 top trending applications within the course.

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How to Make Android Apps – Java Programming Part 1

How to Make Android Apps Part 1. Here we begin with an introduction to Java aimed at people with very little or no programming experience.

The goal of this series is to serve as a Java primer and provide an overview of the key concepts as quickly as possible. Without going into too much depth, we introduce the basic syntax and the programming jargon, which you will further expand upon while making apps.

In part 1 we will cover the Java type system, variables, as well as declaration and assignment statements.

The topics include:
Why do we need Java?
Stages in programming
The Java type system
What is a type?
What is a variable
How to declare a variable
How to assign values to variables
How to manipulate data in variables

The videos are the companion piece to the written tutorials:

Setup to get started on making apps:
1) Find out how to install Android Studio and set up your phone:

2) Book a weekend crash course with us:

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10 tips to build an app for billions of users

With a billion new users expected online by 2017, there’s a huge opportunity to grow your business. The Google Play Developer Console has many features that can help you grow your app or game business, and in this video you’ll find 10 tips that will help you get started and build an app or game for billions of users:

0:25 — Speak your users language, in your app and on the Play store
1:10 — Deliver the right content and features
1:35 — Allow for slow and intermittent data connections
2:09 — Accommodate low end devices and smaller screens
2:29 — Ensure your apps will run older versions of Android
2:44 — Optimize for less phone memory and shorter battery life
3:18 — Consume only the data you need to
3:47 — Reflect local buying habits and cycles
4:13 — Grow your audience with app promotion
4:56 — Engage and support your users locally


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