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Android App Development for Beginners – 4 – Running a Simple App

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How to Make Android Apps – Java Programming Part 1

How to Make Android Apps Part 1. Here we begin with an introduction to Java aimed at people with very little or no programming experience.

The goal of this series is to serve as a Java primer and provide an overview of the key concepts as quickly as possible. Without going into too much depth, we introduce the basic syntax and the programming jargon, which you will further expand upon while making apps.

In part 1 we will cover the Java type system, variables, as well as declaration and assignment statements.

The topics include:
Why do we need Java?
Stages in programming
The Java type system
What is a type?
What is a variable
How to declare a variable
How to assign values to variables
How to manipulate data in variables

The videos are the companion piece to the written tutorials:

Setup to get started on making apps:
1) Find out how to install Android Studio and set up your phone:

2) Book a weekend crash course with us:

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How to make an android app without any coding or programming

In this video i’m gonna show you how you can made a simple android application for your smartphone or tab without knowing or using any code or programming.
just follow me and after this video you are going to be an successfull app maker.
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How to Become an Android Developer From Scratch

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If you want to become an Android developer and don’t know where to start then this video gives you an explanation on the steps you need to take plus all the resources you need to get started. Being an Android developer allows you to build cutting edge Apps and experiences for users all around the world using just a laptop!

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In this video you you will understand in details what is the meaning of override notation in Android programming.

You can override a method from another in your current class. This basically allows you to enhance the functionalities of your current class

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