Android App Development Tutorial #1 – Hello World – Android Studio

Video pertama gw ini. Dimana di video ini gw mau berbagi bagaimana caranya membuat applikasi Android. Dalam tutorial ini gw ingin berbagi dengan anda bagaimana cara membuat aplikasi pertama untuk OS Android.

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Android studio 3 – Create hello world App in Kotlin

In this video, you will get the first look at Android Studio 3. Also, I will walk you with steps to configure android studio properly for Kotlin App development.
We will create a simple hello world app. When you will tap on a button it will say hello world in a toast.

Simple but effective way to setup kotlin in android studio 3 for kotlin


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Android Kotlin Tutorial – 1.Hello World

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Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine and also can be compiled to JavaScript source code.

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7 Minutes UI Design to Android XML

Hi guys, welcome back to Angga Risky, In this video, I want to show you about how to design UI and then implement it into Android studio with XML Language with Robby dianputra.

So, check this out guys:

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Creating Hello World Android App for Mobile TV Wear – Universal App – Android Tutorial – Chapter – 2

Creating Hello World App will be the first step towards app development. Android Studio has options to create an universal app like thing with common project and has sub projects as Android Mobile , Android TV , Android Wear and also Google Glass. So an app that supports all mobile tv and wear can be built within a single project. This video walks us through the procedure of creating such Universal project.
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ANDROID STUDIO 2.3.2 tutorial (Hello world) Make your first app.

Android application development tutorial. Updated make your first app with android studio 2.2.2 version. Android Studio 2.3.2 is latest version 2017

Learn with direct code copy paste android source code –

Android studio 2.1+ complete tutorial – below link of Playlist No deprecation.
Now learn with Android Studio 2.1 to 2.3.3 complete guide. Avoid deprecated code.

More Hello World –

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