Android App Development with Java

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CBT Nuggets training Ben Finkel introduces the Android App development course and covers the prerequisites needed for your Java programming success.

IT Expertise: Installing Network Cabling and Devices

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Learn real-world networking skills from CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara!

Jeremy discusses the difference between college, certification, and IT expert training, as well as the best way to approach his new IT Expertise: Installing Network Cabling and Devices course.

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How to Make an Android App – Ep 15 – Java Arrays and How to Use Them

How To Make an Android App with No Programming Experience.

Tutorial 15 – Create an array to hold a collection of dice images from the drawable folder. Then retrieve the dice images by the index in the array.

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Want to learn how code and make apps for Android?

We’ve made these video tutorials just for you. The best part? You don’t need any programming experience. All you need is Android Studio and a keen mind. We will take you through how to develop apps step-by-step. We’ll walk through the whole process of app programming from beginning to end.

We aim to be the fastest way for people with no programming experience to learn how to code and how to make apps. Love playing with Android and Tablet apps? Why not learn how to create them too? Do you want to quit your job and become an app developer? We’re here for you. Do you want to make your own games? We’re here for you!

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Updated to the latest version of Android Studio (2.x) for making apps using Java 7 for Android Nougat.

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Writing your first Android app – everything you need to know

In this tutorial we go through the steps needed to build your first Android app. You will create a simple UI, add some Java code, and then run your app. Read the full article on

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Should an Android dev learn anything other than Java?

Android Engineer Ernest Holloway answers this week’s top Android questions on whether devs should learn a language other than Java, and the difference in UX between a native app vs. HTML5.

New to development or a pro who needs help? Just tweet your question to #AskADev. We’ll pick the best ones and have a developer answer them.

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7 Cool Things You Can Do with Android’s Developer Options Menu [How-To]

How to Tweak Your Android Device with Developer Options
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In this video, I’ll be showing you seven cool entries in Android’s “Developer options” menu. For most folks, the Developer Options menu only serves as a way to enable USB Debugging/ADB, but there are plenty of other cool utilities and tweaks that you can find in this awesome menu.

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