Android Cursed Crystal Bundle Opening! Marvel Contest Of Champions

Yo so theyres some special offer shenanigans going on for android and i aint abouta be excluded so imma bring you guys this opening here enjoy!
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Android Exclusive Crystal Opening! Marvel: Contest of Champions

What’s good everyone? Today we’re opening the Android Exclusive Bundle in MCOC, including Daywalker Crystals, Morningstar Crystals and more! Let me know what you guys were able to pull!


Channel: YeetOS
Published: 2017-10-25 01:24:59
Duration: 4M36S
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Cursed Crystal Bundle Opening! – MCOC

We’re opening the new bundle, let’s see if it’s worth it…
Channel: Gaming Keeks
Published: 2017-10-24 05:42:42
Duration: 8M9S
Views: 177
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30 Grand Master Crystals | Slycem Crystal Opening| Marvel Contest Of Champions

Slycem gets that mysterious “Black Screen Glitch” 😉 and opens up 30 Grand Master Crystals. Can he get that 5 Star?
Channel: SlycemGaming
Published: 2017-10-25 09:22:21
Duration: 14M17S
Views: 1008
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Marvel Contest of Champions – 300 Uncollected Arena Crystals!

300 Uncollected Arena Crystals!


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Trying to get an Infinite Streak in the 4* Arena?

1 to 10 – Any 3 Star. I start with my r3s and go down.
11 to 13 – Lowest 3 Stars. I start with my lowest guys and go up.
14 to 20 – 4/40 or 3/30 Champions. I start with my 4/40s and work my way down.
21 & Above – By this time I’m able to use the rest of my 3/30s and my maxed out 3 Star Champions. Then I just use all my 4 Stars and maxed out 3 Stars.

Infinite Streak in the T4 Arena

Channel: Lord Shaedow
Published: 2017-10-21 23:06:35
Duration: 13M57S
Views: 1810
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Marvels Contest of Champions – Impossible without Iceman? | 6 Star Boss Rush Challenge

Channel: mutant 97
Published: 2017-10-21 16:10:00
Duration: 18M30S
Views: 19332
Likes: 225
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