Android Developer Live Coding #13: Unit Testing with Mockk, Coroutines, Test Driven Development

Format – 2 Live shows per week:
1. Live Q&A (Sunday 10:00AM UTC -7):
Live Q&A is directed towards beginner and intermediate Android/Java/Kotlin Developers with questions regarding said topics. As a self-taught developer, I never wanted anyone to do my work for me, but I could have benefited greatly by someone explain fundamentals and pointing me to resources. General/Principles based questions are easier for me to answer, but sometimes I can help you with API specific questions.

2. Let’s Build an App Live (Monday 10:00AM UTC-7):
This show is still under beta, but my goal is to demonstrate what it is actually like to build good quality software, to an architecture. I’ll still try to address comments in the chat, and take breaks to answer short questions, but this is not meant to be a Q&A primarily.
Current Project: Catalyft Workout Log

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Jim Coplien and Bob Martin Debate TDD

Bob Martin is also known as Uncle Bob. He is an Agile Manifesto author, and author of books on Agile Programming, XP, UML, Object Oriented Programming, and C++.

Jim Coplien is a software pioneer in Object Oriented programming and C++ and multi-paradigm design. He is also co-author of DCI paradigm.

Debate sprang up at JAOO ’07 around Bob Martin’s assertion that “nowadays it is irresponsible for a developer to ship a line of code he has not executed in a unit test.” In this InfoQ video, he debated with Jim Coplien on this and other topics, including Design by Contract vs. TDD and how much up-front architecture is needed to keep a system consistent with the business domain model.

See full transcription here

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Tricky JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers

Hard JavaScript Interview Questions and their possible answers ( cracking difficult coding interview questions )

Article and code samples from this tutorial

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Image File Formats – JPEG, GIF, PNG

What’s the difference between a JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc…?

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A Day in the Life of a Minimalist
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About this video: A lot of people have misconceptions about minimalism. In this video I show you what a typical day in my life really looks like.

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Published: 2018-10-15 20:18:20
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