Android Developer Live Q&A 26 – MVP, RecyclerViews, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Context

Welcome to my Q&A. It’s Live, and it works best when people asks questions :). I don’t have all the answers, but I can often point you in the right direction.

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Let’s Build a Room Database App | Room, ViewModel, LiveData, Dagger 2, MVVM Architecture

Please Note: This is meant to be an Intermediate Tutorial, which follows my Beginner Let’s build a RecyclerView App Tutorial. All of the stuff we copy/paste, and how to build Material Design Layouts, is in that tutorial:

Welcome to my Tutorial on Android Architecture Components, including Room Persistence Library, ViewModel, and LiveData. In this tutorial I’ve done my best to emply the following concepts in the creation of a simple Note-Taking Application:
– Model-View-ViewModel Architecture for the Front End/UI/Presentation Layer
– ViewModel from A.A.C.
– LiveData from A.A.C.

– Repository to Abstract Room’s API
– A Simplified Dagger 2 setup (we don’t discuss this much as D2 warrants some fairly length explanation I don’t have time for here)

The Code in this tutorial is based off of my 2017 RecyclerView App Tutorial. If you are a Beginner, or you are curious about building the View itself, you’ll want to get through that tutorial first. This is an intermediate tutorial, and I don’t stop to explain the basics of Software Architecture or the Android Platform here so much.

Main Project Repository (finished Demo for reference/copy paste)

Starting Point, based on RecyclerView Tutorial’s UI:

Android Architecture Components Samples (Please check these out, I mostly learned Room from them!)

Martin Fowler on MVVM (a.k.a. Presentation Model a.k.a. Application Model); gives some history and insight on the pattern:

Timestamps below:
If at any point in this Video I come off as being disrespectful (particularly when I’m complaining about MVVM and stuff like that), please forgive me. Part of my content is sharing my expereince as a learner, and it’s never my intention to offend anyone.

0:00 Introduction

3:00 Starting point for Source Code

3:50 Gradle and Res (Mostly copy Paste from the finished Repo here)

9:42 Project/Package Structure

12:05 Project Architecture Overview: Model-View-ViewModel

19:40 Room Entities

22:20 Room Data Access Object (DAO)

33:40 Room Database

37:28 LiveData (Android Architecture Components)

43:27 ListItemRepository (Repository to Abstract Room from ViewModels)

49:52 Activities and Views (This is mostly Copy and Paste, check old tutorial for help with building Layouts)

57:37 A simple Dagger 2 Set Up

1:07:28 ViewModel (Android Architecture Components)

1:17:33 ViewModelProvider.Factory (How to pass arguments to ViewModel Constructor)

1:24:00 Wiring up Views, ViewModels, and Observing the Data

1:34:45 Debugging and Demo

1:39:18 Working Demo!!!

1:41:00 Outro, Thanks, and Future Plans

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Samsung’s Android Oreo 8.0 Beta!

We look at Samsung’s version of Android Oreo 8.0 and some of the new goodies it has to offer the S8 and S8 plus!

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Let’s Build a Room Database App Part 1 | Android Architecture Components Tutorial

Curious about how to build an App which uses Room Persistence Library, ViewModel, and LiveData, within the Context of a Model-View-ViewModel style Software Architecture?

In this Video, I outline the project we’ll be building in the next Video, and discuss the Architecture and APIs which we’ll use to get the job done.

Source Code:







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How Much Android Developer Earns From Free Apps? | ThingsToKnow

How Much Android Developers Make From Free Apps ? What are the factors for Android Apps Earning? Why are Active Downloads so much important for Android App Earning?
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My Top Tips for Ranking Android Learning Resources | Youtube, StackOverflow, Open Source Code

Had a great question on the Livestream that I wanted to share.

Is it okay to Learn Android Development from Youtube and StackOverflow?

Would you like to ask me questions directly, about anything Android, general to specific? If so, consider joining me one of these Sundays at 9:00AM PDT (GMT -7), for my Live Android Developer Q&A.

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