Android Developer Live Q&A #49 – Android, Kotlin, Software Architecture, Gradle

Welcome to my livestream Q&A. It’s live, and it works best when you ask questions. I mostly do this for beginners (although I’m happy to chat about advanced topics with more senior devs), so if you’re a beginner, I strongly encourage you to ask questions.

Kotlin Clean Calculator:

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I Adopted Rich People’s Habits, See How My Life Changed

Learn the secrets of success from those who built their own empires from scratch. You can try adopting the habits of super rich people and see how it will help you save money.
Successful people are rarely night owls; they go to bed and wake up quite early. So this was the first habit I decided to take on. By the end of the first week, I noticed that I was able to do way more before noon than I could ever do during the whole day. One more week into the experiment I started waking up completely well-rested and excited to start a new day. Self-made successes swear by exercising every day for at least 30 minutes. After just 10 days, it already became a habit. I became more concentrated and calmer.
If meditating helps successful people stay on top of their game, it should help me out too. Networking is like currency for successful people.
A lot of successful people (like Steve Jobs, for instance) keep a super minimalistic approach to fashion, often wearing the same outfit every day. Truly smart and successful people control their expenses and don’t spend their money on useless things.

Music: Operatic – Vibe Mountain

Go to bed and wake up quite early 0:34
Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes 1:51
Meditate 3:01
Set goals and achieve them 3:57
Meet new people as much as you can 4:44
Read more useful books 5:34
Wear simple clothes 6:24
Be thrifty 7:10
Conclusion 8:08

-With will power of steel, I decided to wake up at the same time every day and come to work an hour early. It took me 3 days to get the schedule right.
-The hardest part here wasn’t even the gym itself, it was exercising after working all day. After just 10 days, it already became a habit. I started sleeping better and waking up easier.
-Meditation turned out to be a really good way to get my head straight and renew my energy.
-Even though I didn’t manage to tackle all my tasks, I was able to do more things in the first week than I did during the entire previous month.
-I learned to find common ground with people from the get-go, met a lot of extraordinary individuals, and made some really good friends.
-I carried a book with me at all times and read it on the way to work and back home or during lunch. As a result, by the end of the first month, I had finished my fourth book.
-I no longer had to waste time every day choosing my outfit, deciding whether or not it matched or if it was trendy and whatnot.
-I started out by making a list of everything that I bought every day so that I could see what I spent my money on. This system helped me save 40% of my salary in the first month and almost 60% in the second.
-New habits really did completely change my life for the better.

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3 – Kotlin Android Tutorial | Domain, Use Case (Interactor), Companion Object, Clean Architecture

Welcome to part 3 of my Kotlin Android Tutorial. In this lesson, we design a domain layer to describe what our application needs to do (Use Cases), and what kind of information it needs to represent (Domain Model). Other topics include Kotlin Companion Objects, RxJava 2, and error handling.

0:00 Intro
1:30 Describing the Problem Domain/Statement of a Calculator
3:00 The Architecture and Purpose of a Use Case (Interactor)
5:02 Writing a Data Model (bonus: Static Factory Methods in Kotlin)
9:30 Making a Scheduler Interface (necessary for being able to execute RxJava code in JVM based Unit Tests)
12:32 Coding our EvaluateExpression Use Case
24:09 Adding some Exception Handling
27:30 Summary and Outro

Livestream link:








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Strategy Pattern – Design Patterns (ep 1)

Video series on Design Patterns for Object Oriented Languages. This time we look at Strategy Pattern.

► The playlist

► Head First: Design Patterns

► Design Patterns, by Gang of Four

► Mentioned: Sandi Metz – Nothing is Something

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A Practical Overview of Unit Testing On Android | Behavior, State, RxJava, Testable Objects

Highlight from my livestream on Sunday, Feb 25th, 2018.

A viewer asked me to talk about Unit Testing, and my rambling ended up being worth cutting to a separate video. In this video I discuss:
– What is a Unit?
– How to write Unit Tests (with a 3 step process roughly)
– Test Doubles (using M
– What do we want to test? (Behaviour and State)
– How to Test RxJava 2 w/ TestSubscriber
– How to write Classes which are easy to test (you won’t want to miss that part)

Project Repo:

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