Android Developer Live Q&A – Beginners, ask questions!!!

Welcome to my Q&A. It’s Live, and it works best when people asks questions :). I don’t have all the answers, but I can often point you in the right direction.

*Please Note:*
Every 10th Episode (like today, #30), I do a non-technical Q&A. That means today I don’t really discuss specific API Implementation Problems or Code heavy examples (well, unless it’s a really good question).
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[in]genius: facebook’s youngest engineer

Meet a not-so-average tech entrepreneur, Michael Sayman. He’s been making iPhone apps since he was 13 years old. His work has made him “more money than I could have ever imagined,” says the Florida teen — money that’s used to provide for his family.

His work has caught the eye of some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names, but his latest app 4snaps, a multi-user photo game, caught Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s attention—offering Michael an engineering internship at the social network’s headquarters in California.

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Google interns’ first week

Students who join Google in internships or in full-time roles work on interesting, meaningful projects and are expected to have an impact from the start. Meet five recent summer interns and hear their thoughts on what it means to work at Google.
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Google’s toughest job interview questions

If you’re lucky enough to land a job interview at one of the best places to work in America, Google, you’ll definitely need to bring your a-game. But to pile on the interview stress even more, Google used to ask some questions that were so hard that they were eventually banned from being asked altogether.

In 2009, Lewis Lin, a job coach in Seattle, put together a list of 140 questions his clients were asked by Google. We’ve picked 7 of the best.

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Rules Of Survival Hack – How To Hack Rules of survival Android and IOS

Rules Of Survival Hack for you :

In this video I will be showing you how to get Unlimited Coins by using this Rules of Survival Hack. This is very useful if you want to avoid paying for micro transactions for Rules of Survival mod apk and advance in the game easier. Just follow the instructions in the video and download 2 apps and run them for at least 30 seconds. This is it:) Please like, share and subscribe if you found it useful. Have fun!

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