Android Developer Story: CastBox improved engagement with Android Instant Apps & TensorFlow

CastBox is an audio platform which brings podcasts, on-demand radio, and audiobooks to users through their app. Learn how Xiaoyu Wang, co-founder and CEO, and Xiaocong He, co-founder and CTO at CastBox, explain how they use Android Instant Apps and TensorFlow to improve user engagement and provide an optimal listening experience for users on Android.

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8 Secret Phone Settings You Should Try (ANDROID)

Here are eight fascinating and secret features of Android. Setting #2 is out favorite – it will keep your phone’s battery going for longer!

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Yo les amis !

Nouveau concept de video qui consiste a vous expliquer l’histoire de Android (naissance,origine…).

Bientot les 500 abonnes, je vous en remercie du fond du coeur !

Toutes les informations sont dans la videos !

Bonne lecture ! 🙂

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What’s New in Android Studio 3.0

Read more in the release notes here:

Android Studio 3.0 brings a ton of new features and improvements, including Kotlin support, Android O APIs, Java 8 language features support, external APK debugging, Instant Apps modules and refactoring, an integrated Android Profiler and more.

Migrating to Android Gradle Plugin 3.0.0:
Android Studio 3.0: Android Profiler:
Android Studio 3.0: Java 8 Language Features Support:

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BEST EPIC surprise engagement proposal ever, and happiest moment of my life.

Jena thought she was going to accept a check for charity with her mom at a UK game.


We walk in, I insist I need to use the restroom, then down to Sheila Bayes I go to change into a suit, which I almost didn’t get on in time. Then up the stairs comes one solo trumpeteer to get things started. ANd that’s where we begin.

In the end, in front of everyone we know and many we don’t, I split my pants when I picked her up. Some excitement literally bursts from the seams, it seems.



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Top Android apps – November 2017

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3:06 – TTT –
4:11 – Plaid –
5:05 – Solitaire: Decked Out –
5:48 – Focalmark –
6:29 – Crash Cards –
7:16 – Learn in Fact –
8:10 – Longshot –


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