Android Developer Story: KKBOX improves conversions with In-app Billing on Google Play

Founded in 2004, KKBOX offers personalized digital music service in Asia with over 30 million tracks. Users can access KKBOX service across phones, tablets, televisions, computers, wearables and cars powered by Android. Watch how KKBOX improved payments for users with Google Play In-app Billing, and find how it helped them grow in international markets.

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A 12-year-old app developer | Thomas Suarez

Most 12-year-olds love playing videogames — Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create them. After developing iPhone apps like “Bustin Jeiber,” a whack-a-mole game, he is now using his skills to help other kids become developers. (Filmed at TEDxManhattanBeach.)

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Android Developer Story: LinkedIn uses Android Studio to build a performant app

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The LinkedIn mobile team uses Android Studio to build their Android app. For teams with a large number of developers adding code to a project, making sure that everyone pays attention to areas that affect performance is vital for the quality of your app.

Watch Pradeepta Dash, Engineering Manager for Infrastructure at LinkedIn, as well as Drew Hannay, Tech Lead for the Android Infrastructure team, talk about how Android Studio helps everyone on their team stay focused on these topics.

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The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone

So it sounds like Adcom (company featured in this video) may sue the company manufacturing the 4 dollar version. If you visit the website for the Freedom 251 you’ll see an exact replica listed at a far lower price. I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to deliver at that price, others are skeptical as well. Starting to sound like a bunch of these went out the side door at the Adcom factory.

More info on the $4 Android phone…

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From AMP to PWA: Progressive Web AMPs

Learn how to combine the instant feel and speed of AMP with the engaging new world of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Head to our extensive documentation about the topic at when you’re finished with the video!

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Building interfaces with ConstraintLayout in Android Studio

The new Layout Editor in Android Studio 2.2 has some surprises, including a new blueprint mode, revamped properties inspector and support for ConstraintLayout, a new way to define layouts for your apps.

In this Android Tool Time episode Wojtek Kaliciński shows you the basics of working with ConstraintLayouts in the visual editor. If you want to try it out yourself, you can find our codelab here:

When you’re familiar with the layout editor interface, read the rest of our Medium article where you’ll find some more advanced tips and tricks for ConstraintLayout:

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