Android Developer Story: Playdemic drives user engagement and revenue with live ops on Google Play

Watch Paul Gouge, CEO & Co-founder and Gareth Jones, Head of Production discuss how the company has utilized live ops to continuously engage players and grow their business on Google Play for their top game Golf Clash.

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Android Developer Story: Viki uses subscriptions to build a sustainable business

App developers are always looking to build sustainable and predictable revenue streams. Watch Alex Chan, Senior VP of Product and Engineering at Viki, a Singapore-based video app, explain how subscriptions with Google Play billing have helped them expand paying audiences globally and improve monetization from emerging markets.

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Nokia 8 ! Nokia first Flagship in 2017

Hello friend’s here is The Nokia 8 is the first Nokia flagship to run Android and the first to be developed by startup HMD Global.

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The 4 Dollar Android Smartphone

So it sounds like Adcom (company featured in this video) may sue the company manufacturing the 4 dollar version. If you visit the website for the Freedom 251 you’ll see an exact replica listed at a far lower price. I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to deliver at that price, others are skeptical as well. Starting to sound like a bunch of these went out the side door at the Adcom factory.

More info on the $4 Android phone…

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Life of a Certification Student

JP Souchak introduces the Associate Android Developer (AAD) Certification by Google. The AAD Certification is intended for developers who can display typical skills of an entry-level Android developer. By earning the AAD Certification, developers can get recognized for their skills and advance their careers.

There are several steps in the process towards becoming an AAD: determining if you are ready, getting training if necessary, and then signing up and taking the exam. When you sign up for the exam, you pay a certification fee, download the exam, and work on it in Android Studio. The exam is a performance-based exam in which you will be asked to write and debug code.

After you are finished with the exam, you will upload it and it will be reviewed through a combination of machine and human grading. If you pass the exam, you move on to the Exit Interview. When you’ve passed both the exam and the Exit Interview, you will receive a digital badge that you can share with employers, on your resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, and in your email signature.

To learn more about AAD Certification and sign up for the exam, go to

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USB-C All The Things! (Pt 2)

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