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Maps USer location

In this lecture we will see how to get user’s location.

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How to track location of Android mobile phone?

If you lost your android device, you can easily track its location using an app called, “android device manager”. This tutorial explains the steps through which you can find location of your android device on your desktop or on any other android handset.

I use this app to track location of my wife, whenever she is travelling out of city and gets stuck, so I help her reach out her destination by remotely tracking her cell phone.

Some of the interesting features of this app are –

1. Ring – If you kept your phone somewhere but don’t remember it’s location, more over its on silent mode, you may really face night mare in tracing it. So by using this app, you can reach approximate location of phone and then click on ring and your phone will start ringing for 5 minutes at full volume.
2. Lock – This feature allows you to lock your android device with password and also set your call back number, so any one with good intentions can call on that number and speak to you.
3. Erase – If your phone has been stolen and there is no hope for recovery, you can simply click on erase and all the data on phone will get deleted, only data that will not get erased is the one that is on SD card.
4. You can also login as a guest, which means if you wish to help someone track his cell phone, you can do that from your handset or desktop provided the app is installed on that lost handset.
5. Last but not the least feature of this is – You can go to and track location history of your android device. This feature can really be helpful in tracking lost devices.

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How To Get GPS Location In Android

In this android tutorial , we learn how to get a current gps location using the LocationManager and LocationListener. Target sdk is 23, so i also cover the user permission check at the runtime.

Project at github:

☑ Visit fb page:

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Android GPS, Location Manager and Google Map – Tutorial

This Step by Step Tutorial teach you how to get user current location using GPS or Network in android app. And how to add a new Google API Key.

You can get source code of this tutorial from

GPS or Global Positioning System is a network of orbiting satellites that send precise details of their position in space back to earth.

LocationManger class provides access to the system location services. These services allow applications to obtain periodic updates of the device’s geographical location, or to fire an application-specified Intent when the device enters the proximity of a given geographical location.

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