Android Development Tutorial – NEW Realtime Location 4 Accept / Decline Friends Request

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Welcome to EDMTDev Courses ! Our series will help you make an awesome app Realtime Tracking with features:
– Login with Email & Aoogle Account (can use other like Facebook , Twitter…etc)
– See all people who are using this app
– Make a Friend Request to other people
– Accept / Decline Friend Request
– See all your Friends
– Tracking your friend in realtime
– Location can be update in background / killed mode

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Amazing Modern Mobile Firewood Processing Machine, Extreme Wood Cutting Machines Modern Technology

Amazing Modern Mobile Firewood Processing Machine, Extreme Wood Cutting Machines Modern Technology
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Amazing Fastest Wood Sawmill Machines Working – Wood Cutting Machine Modern Technology

Amazing Fastest Wood Sawmill Machines Working
– Wood Cutting Machine Modern Technology, cutting big tree easy

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How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eyes | Step by Step

Follow my simple, detailed steps to draw a realistic eye in pencil. My method is aimed to help even the most complete beginner draw something they once thought was impossible. If you get stuck on the shading part, please refer to my shading tutorials below. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


How to Shade for Beginners:
Shading Techniques:


HB + 4B Pentel Lead:
Blending Stump:
Prismacolor Kneadable Eraser:
Electric Eraser:
White Gel Pen:
Soft Tissue (Scotties)
Canson Drawing Paper (If you want smooth drawings, look for paper labelled as “fine tooth” or smooth, but make sure it’s thick so you can work it):


Tools: 0:20
Step 1 – Circle: 0:51
Step 2 – Eye Angle: 1:23
Step 3 – Eye Shape: 1:50
Step 4 – Eye Crease: 3:13
Step 5 – Iris: 4:32
Step 6 – Highlight: 5:42
Step 7 – Pupil: 6:48
Step 8 – Iris Detail: 8:35
– Cast Shadow 10:16
Step 9 – Shade Eye: 18:09
– Cast Shadow: 20:46
Step 10 – Skin Details: 21:57
Step 11 – Shade Skin: 22:43
Step 12 – Blending: 28:08
Step 13 – Touch-ups: 29:19
Step 14 – Eyelashes: 30:50
– Shadows: 39:04
– Reflection: 42:25
Step 15 – Make it POP: 43:24
– Darken: 43:56
– Lighten: 47:13
Step 16 – Touch-Ups: 48:23


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S1:E34 We couldn’t believe this weather! – Lifestyle Overland

We wake up at Galbraith Camp to find a touch of winter… in August! The journey continues to Deadhorse, Alaska.

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Custom Soundtracks – Kyle McCuiston Music
Video Soundtracks by:
Music Bed
Epidemic Sound


We are a small family of overlanders, actively exploring all of North America. Our mission is to inspire others who desire to venture away from civilization and experience a more adventurous side of life.

Our Travel Gear:


Tents and Awnings –
Fridge / Freezer –
LED Headlights and Fogs –
Solar Panels –
Clothing –
Sunglasses –
Shower Pouches –
Land Anchor –
Storage Bags –

How we plan trips / navigate:
How we air-up / air-down:
How we poo and shower:
How we control bugs:
How we mount devices:
How we monitor the 4Runner:
How do we stick patches to our roof?

Primary First Aid Kit –
Secondary First Aid Kit –
Fire Extinguisher –


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New Free internet 100% – New Technology Free internet 2019

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my channel. My channel talking about New Free internet 100% – New Technology Free internet 2019
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This video talks about Free Energy

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-ideas info
-science projects
-magnet with fan 100%
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-do it by yourself
-How to get free internet
-free internet
-free internet phone 100% work

+Music :
Tobu – Hope [NCS Release]

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