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The starter code for this video is in a folder named SharedPrefsTutorial.

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Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Phone

Did you know that anyone can get your personal information and read your private messages? We’ve gathered the most useful codes for smartphones all in one video, together with some instructions on how to detect intruders.

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Android Studio Tutorial-18 In Hindi For Beginners | Intent | Start Activity

In this Video I am explaining that what are the concept of Intent In Android Application,Start Activity In Android App, Start Activity For Result In Android.

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Top 10 High Paying Software Jobs – Check Out What It takes ?

Top 10 High Paying Software Jobs – Check Out What It takes ?

Watch this video to find out highest paying software jobs. If you’re a software engineer, database admin, a data scientist, fronted developer, designer or a mobile developer, find how much is the average annual pay for your skill sets.

.Net Developer – $84,000

What It takes ?
Programming expe in ASP .NET MVC
Basic knowledge in Html,CSS
Jquery/Java Scripts, Bootstrap
Working knowledge of Databases MS SQL, Oracle, NoSql, mongoDB
Creating setups and exe.

# 09
Database Admin – $87,000

What It takes ?
Understanding of structured query language (SQL)
Experience with RDBMS
Assist in database design
Manage Databases
Maritain security and integrity of databases
Database Security
Upgrades and Installs
Deployment strategies, failure protection

Fronted Developer – $92,000
What It takes ?
Programming in HTML5 CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js
Browser Developer Tools(Firefox, Chrome)
Experience with Data Formats (e.g., JSON, XML)
Content Management Systems(word-press, Blogger, Joomla etc..)
Front End Frameworks
RESTful Services and APIs
Testing and Debugging
Version Control Systems
# 07
Mobile Developer – $96,000

What It takes ?
Cross-platform Development,iOS, Android BlackBerry, Windows etc
Good UX/UI Design Skills
Programming knowledge Java, C#, Objective C /Swift, HTML5, PHP etc.
Knowledge of Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

# 06
Java Developer – $96,500

What It takes ?
OOPs Concepts
Design Patterns
Data Structures
Multi-threading and Synchronization
Domain Knowledge Networking, Multi Media, Automobile, Finance
JUnit testing,
debugging, ANT
Source Control (GIT, SVN, CVS etc..)
Database Programming (SQL)

Software Engineer – $98,000

What It takes ?
Programming Skills, C/C++, JAVA, PHP, Python, HTML5/CSS3, Ruby etc
Knowledge of Source control
Debugging skills
problem solving
Attention to Detail
Unit testing

DevOps Engineer – $106,000

What It takes ?
Linux/Unix Administration
coding and scripting in Python, PHP, Perl,Ruby
Knowledge of opensource tools
Experience with systems and IT operations
Continuous Improvement (CI)
Continuous Deployment, tools like Jenkins
collaboration, open communication
automation/configuration management

# 03
Data Scientist – $115,000

What It takes ?
Data mining methods
Processing, cleansing, and verifying of data
Great communication skills
statistical programming language R or Python
Database Querying language SQL, mongoDB
Statistics, Multi variable Calculus and Linear algebra
# 02
Software Architect – $128,500

What it takes ?
Knowledge of various software architectures
Resolve technical problems
Technically competent
Strong communicator
Knowledge of core frameworks
high level guidance and direction on project work
Strong design experience

# 01
Software Development Manager -$132,000

What it takes ?
Managing Relationships
Project Planning
Process Control
Negotiation Skills
Vendor Management
Presentation Skills
Problem solving and decision making
Knowledge of
Domain,Development Cycles,Automation process, Quality Assurance,Release Management
Team Staffing
Administrative functions

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System Design: Messenger service like Whatsapp or WeChat – Interview Question

This is a system design interview question asked at companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many startups: How to design a messenger service like Whatsapp, WeChat or Facebook Messenger?
I will guide you through this interview question, give you talking points and point out the right questions to ask. A quick and easy explanation even if this is your first system design interview question.

=== The resources I mentioned in the video ===
High Scalability Blog:
Hired in Tech:


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From Zero to Docker – Tutorial for Beginners

This Docker Tutorial explains in 16 Minutes everything you need to know to get started with Docker and to work with your own containers. It is a beginner’s guide of why docker is helpful, how to install docker on Mac and Linux and how to get started with Docker once it’s installed.

My twitter:

My written tutorial:
Download Docker:
Install Docker on Ubuntu:
Docker Hub:
Dokcer run reference:
Dockerfile keywords:

A lot of comments regarding that terminal setup:
I completely “stole” it myself and just followed this tutorial:

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