Android Development Tutorials in Telugu – Lesson 9 – How to Add Two Numbers

Android Development Tutorials in Telugu – Lesson 9 – How to Add Two Numbers

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Associate Android Developer – Kunal

Associate Android Developer Kunal tells us about the journey he took to become certified.

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Also, Google Developer Day India is coming to Bengaluru on December 1st and 2nd.
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How Much Money I Made as an iOS / Android Engineer (Salary History)

Today let’s talk about salaries and how much money you can make as an iOS / Android Engineer out in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley.

Most expensive cities to live in article:

If you’re interested in learning iOS development, you’ll find an excellent course here:

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Diy How To Make Chocolate Cakes – Amazing Chocolate Cake Tutorials Compilation 2017 🍰🍰🍰😛😛😝😜

Diy How To Make Chocolate Cakes – Amazing Chocolate Cake Tutorials Compilation 2017 🍰🍰🍰😛😛😝😜

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Amazing Chocolate Cake Decorating Videos ★ Cake Style 2017 ★ Fondant, Cupcake, Satisfying Cake Video
More Amazing KIDS CAKES Compilation | Belle Shopkins Paw Patrol!
10 AMAZING ways to ice a CAKE Compilation!!
WOW! AMAZING Cake Cupcake Decorating/Baking Tutorials 🍰 – Compilation/
Have Your Cake and EAT Your Candles, too!

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How to Speak English With Confidence – Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how to sound more confident when you speak English.
When we ask students, “Why do you want to learn English,” often people don’t talk about their language skills. They talk about their feelings.
They say things like:
“I don’t feel confident when I’m speaking English.”
“I’m afraid my English sounds bad.”
“I want to feel better about my English.”
Does this sound like you?
In this lesson, you can learn some simple, effective tips to sound more confident speaking English. We’ll show you ideas that anyone can use.

See the full version of this lesson and script here:

This lesson will help you:

– Learn how to control your speaking to sound more confident.
– Be more positive about speaking English.
– Get out of the habit of apoligising for your English.
– Set challenges to build your confidence to speak English.
– Understand ways to keep a journal to help you speak English confidently.
– Learn more about yourself and how you can speak English better.

To see more free English video lessons like this, visit:

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How To Sing Any Song – Voice Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How to sing any song – Voice Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

One of the most important factors for how to sing any song is maybe to say this a different way.

How can I find myself in this song?

There is a roadmap.

And this roadmap consists of some very key criteria for finding yourself in a song.

1) Ownership. How well do you know it? This is extremely important from a psychological confidence factor.

2) Is it something that fits and suits your voice? Otherwise, massage it, mold it, and meld it into your own vibe and style. If you don’t feel you have enough originality in your voice to do this, there is no harm in learning and capturing the spirit and style of the original and trying to duplicate it. This is how we grow and put in our “tool box” for singing many different styles. You will find that once you learn a few licks and the vibe of various artists, there is a similarity you can draw from, so you are not reinventing the wheel every time you sing.

3) Do you have realistic expectations (and it’s ok to reach for the stars, but do it incrementally, with a realistic plan/goal on how to get there AND allow yourself enough time to do so)

4) Have you trained technically to be “in shape” to sing a desired song? It’s not practice that makes perfect. It’s PERFECT practice that makes perfect. Get good quality information on how to get there.

Einstein’s definition of insanity is “trying the same experiment over and over and expecting a different result.” If you keep trying the same thing, and it is not working, your information (and/or at least your understanding, interpretation, and implementation of that
information) is not correct. You should see results even if they are small.

I cover all this in my singing course.

I hope this helps you guys,

God bless,

Peace… Out!

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Learn how to sing better for beginners, all the way to learning advanced PRO vocal techniques. Increase vocal range and become a better singer than you ever thought possible! Check out Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and see what the possibilities really are!

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – Where The PROOF Is In The Singing!

Check out the KTVA website to learn more!

Check out the KTVA Singers Forums!

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