Android development V/s iOS development – Which one to choose?
In this video, I have compared Android development with iOS development. I have used lots of comparison points like IDE, payments, user base, hardware requirements and others.


Complete Android training with Java is here !

Training link:

Welcome to complete Android O development with Java and build 10 apps. A one stop course that will walk you through with Android App development concepts. The goal of this course is to make you ready as an Android App developer so that you can make your dream app or can apply as Jr. Android App developer. Also by the end of this course, you will have 10 apps as a portfolio so that it becomes easier for you to appear in top during your interview process.

Here is a list of apps that you will be building:

1. Glow bulb Idea App

2. Snakes and Ladder App


4. Patatap Clone – Music App

5. Learn Spanish numbers

6. Reminder App

7. Weather App

8. Mark Wonders on Map App

9. Todo App

10. Google Firebase Login

11. Custom Firebase Image Uploader


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How much important is design for programmers 😃
Designing is considered as 2nd preference by most of the programmers and I used to think like that also. But I was wrong. Design is very important part of designing web applications and mobile apps.

For designing you can use sketchApp or photoshop or Gimp


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TOP 5 reasons to learn JavaScript

Javascript is a great programming language. not only it can work with front end but things have changed a lot now. Now we can do backend development like node.js with JS. Also we can design cool Hybrid apps with javascript. Check out these top 5 reasons to learn Javascript


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Top 5 text editor for web development
In this video, I will talk about top 5 text editors that I recommend for web developers. These are the text editors that I use or I have used in past. I will talk about pros and cons of each of them


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