Android Gestures: Getting Started

In this video I teach you how to get started detecting Gestures with Android.

We focus on 4 specific forms of Gesture Detection:
1) OnTouchListener
2) OnGestureListener
3) OnDragListener
4) OnDoubleTapListener

By the end of the video you’ll understand how to capture touch events, track movements on the screen, drag a view around the screen, and detect some of the many Gestures offered by the Android SDK.

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Deploying an Angular 4 App

This video is from my Free Angular 4 Course:
Written tutorial: for more!

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Upload Code And Files On GitHub

Easiest and straigh foreward way to upload your sources code on your Git.

Why git hub?
its free open-source and you can easily use other people open source projects, and do much colabrative work.

Downloading of Git-Scm
installing of Git
Signup to GitHub
Login to GitHub
Create Repository on GitHub (git Hub)
upload project On GitHub (git hub)
The end.

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Top 5 Android Studio Plugins

Here are Best Plugins that i use in Android Studio.

1. Adb Idea
2. Drawable Importer
3. Exynap
4. CodeGlance
5. String Manipulation

NOTE: To know more about these plugins visit here

use “alt+click & drag” to select text like i show in String Manipulation.

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Push Notifications with Ionic and Firebase

Detailed guide to implement push notifications in ionic application with firebase console

You can find the source code at my github repo :

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Top 10 Chrome Plugins for Developers – 2018

First, Internet is always changing and there is no such guarantee on internet about things that are available. Please use your brain.exe before choosing and installing anything.

Momentum Chrome addon:

React Developer Tools

Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester




Bookmark Manager

User-Agent Switcher

Page Ruler

Visual Inspector by CanvasFlip



Download app from Google play store and Apple App store

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