Android JSOUP Library HTML Parsing Working Example (in Hindi)

In this video, we will learn how to parse HTML using Jsoup in android. You can retrieve or extract data from any HTML. We will see how to extract image URL using jsoup and learn how to extract data out of HTML elements or text of whole HTML document.

JSOUP is a powerful library which can be used to do web scraping in Java. DOM traversal using CSS selectors, extract data from DOM nodes is very easy using this library.We fetched the HTML of our blog using Retrofit. Now we will extract the data from this HTML post to show this inside android cardview.

In short, parse Blog post HTML using Jsoup and display the data inside cardview. This video is part 8th of our new android development tutorial series for beginners.Follow along – everything is explained in Hindi.

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Learn all this in Hindi (हिंदी में )

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Html Parsing with Jsoup on Android Studio/ JSOUP İLE HTML PARSING/internetten veri çekme

Bu orneğimizde Android Studio’da Jsoup kutuphanesi kullanarak internetten nasıl veri cekilir onu sizlere anlatıyorum. “Jsoup ile Html Parsing ” olarak internetten konuya ilişkin detaylı bilgi edinebilirsiniz. Orneğimizde kullandığımız kodlar ve site adres bilgileri aşağıdadır.


Jsoup :
Jsoup Selector syntax :


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Android Studio #9: Read HTML Webpage with HTML Table with Jsoup + Volley

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Web scrapping in java using jsoup

Web Scraping IMDB website to extract the top 250 rated movies. This is done using a java library called jsoup.

JSoup Lib –

Text Link for the Project –

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Dependency Injection

This week, we’re going to talk about the topic of Dependency Injection in Object oriented code (specifically PHP). You don’t need a fancy container to do it, it’s actually quite simple to do manually!


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HTML parse in C# language

my site:

full code – soon to site…

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