Android Kotlin Beginner Tutorial (Google I/O '17)

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Kotlin is an expressive, concise & powerful development language on Android. In this Android & Kotlin tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know to start developing apps with Kotlin. No coding experience required! You’ll have fun developing a full scale Dinner Decider app using pure Kotlin.

Download the Dinner Decider app assets here:

Download the Dinner Decider app source code here:

Kotlin is completely interoperable with existing Android languages and runtime and supported as a First Class development language on Android. Developers will write 40% LESS code with Kotlin!

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10 Kotlin Tricks in 10 ish minutes by Jake Wharton

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Kotlin is new language growing in popularity as a complement to Java. Its major advantages and features compared to Java are immediately appealing. While it’s quick to learn, it also has a lot of small and thoughtful parts which can be harder to discover. This short talk will cover 10 of my favorites with real-world examples. Attendees should come in having seen some Kotlin but looking to learn even more.

Jake Wharton is an Android developer at Square working on Square Cash. He has been living with a severe allergy to boilerplate code and bad APIs for years and speaks at conferences all around the world in an effort to educate more about this terrible disease.

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How to Kotlin – from the Lead Kotlin Language Designer (Google I/O ’18)

Kotlin is similar to the Java programming language, so it’s natural that your Kotlin code looks very much like Java code when you are first start to use the language. While this is fine to begin with, you’re probably not taking full advantage of all the language benefits. In this session, the lead Kotlin language designer will show you how you can write more idiomatic Kotlin, what the benefits are, and help you discover some of the most powerful yet lesser known features of Kotlin.

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Tutorial de Kotlin para Android

Aprende como programar una aplicacion sencilla para android usando Kotlin y descubre cuales son las diferencias principales que hacen de este lenguaje la alternativa al longevo Java.

En el pasado Google IO se anuncio que Android Studio 3.0 ahora da soporte a Kotlin para programar en Android, es por eso que en Platzi ya estamos preparando un curso de Kotlin que estara disponible muy pronto.

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Six Little Lines of Fail – Jimmy Bogard

It seemed like an easy feature to implement, a checkout page to place an order. But this payment gateway has a simple API, so we added that. And this email service provider makes it possible to send an email with one line of code! Finally we can notify downstream systems via a message queue. The code looks simple, 6 little lines of distributed systems code.
But those lines hid a dark secret that we only found after launching. Customers complained they didn’t get their email. The back end system wasn’t getting updated from our messages. And by far the worst of all, customers complained they saw an error page but still got charged!

Clearly it wasn’t as easy as calling a few APIs and shipping, we actually need to worry about those other systems. In this session, we’ll look at taking our 6 lines of distributed systems fail, examining the inevitable failures that arise, and possible mitigating scenarios. We’ll also look at the coupling our code contains, and the ways we can address it. Finally, we’ll refactor towards a truly resilient checkout process that embraces, instead of ignoring, the fallacies of distributed computing.

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Kotlin: Урок 0. Введение

Стань Android-разработчиком:
Поспеши, действуют приятные скидки!


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