Android Kotlin: Forecast App 01 – Navigation & App Foundation – MVVM Tutorial Course

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With this tutorial series you are starting a new Android development journey on which you are going to learn a ton of new things.

You are going to build a real forecast app using the MVVM architectural pattern. Let’s quickly run through what you’ll actually build. Don’t worry if you don’t understand half of the stuff I’m about to say – this is a tutorial, after all, and I will teach you everything in detail in later parts.

This app is going to do things like getting weather data from an API using Retrofit and Gson, caching this data in an SQLite database using Room library, handling asynchronous code using Kotlin’s coroutines, concentrating data operations in a Repository class, injecting dependencies using Kodein library, getting the user’s location and more.

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Google Flutter vs Swift, Java and Kotlin

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Mobile app development has moved toward hybrid apps, using the web stack (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript,) and frameworks like Phonegap or React Native.

But when it comes to the development of high demand (in terms of performance) mobile apps, using native languages like Swift for iOS and Java for Android is still the way to go. This might change with Googles Flutter framework.


1. Swift and native development will only diminish IF Flutter (or something like it) meet expectations.

2. I group React Native, Phone Gap etc … simply because they are not one of the two native languages.

3. IF Flutter fulfilled expectations, then the move from native (Java, Swift) would happen over time.

4. I suggested in the video that Swift would die … bad word. I should have said diminish considerably. The chances of Swift dying completely is pretty much 0% … since apple is behind it and it seems to me, that there might always be a situation (but more rare over time) where native is required. Remember that slower hybrid becomes less slow with each new generation of smartphone.

5. I don’t believe is identifying as a Java developer, Swift developer, JavaScript developer … or any type of developer. Be a developer who uses any and all languages on a need to nerd basis.

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Mastering ConstraintLayout in Android

In this talk, Rebecca looks at the different types of layouts that are available for you in Android. Specifically focusing on ConstraintLayout, this talk will guide you through using most of the features of ConstraintLayout in a practical demonstration.

Components such as Barriers, Chains, Guidelines and Constraints are covered in this talk as well as some performance tools you can use to create great layouts in Android.

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Rich Web UIs with Knockout.js – Steven Sanderson
Knockout.js helps you to build sophisticated, dynamic web UIs, by providing a clean Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture and a powerfully expressive system of declarative bindings. In this demo-filled session, Knockout’s creator Steve Sanderson will quickly show how you can get started with this popular JavaScript library.
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