Android P Dev.Preview 3 on OnePlus 5T | Installation + Review!

How to Get Android P DP3 (Beta) on OnePlus 5 & 5T | Installation Guide + Features + Review w/ Benchmarks

XDA Dev Thread :

Downloads :
Recovery I used :
No Verity (zip) :
OnePlus Camera (apk) :
Magisk v16.6 Treble :

Installation Summary
Step 1 : Format Data Partition (TWRP – Wipe)
Step 2 : Reboot to Recovery
Step 3 : Factory Reset [TWRP – Wipe)
Step 4 : Flash Mokee ROM first and then No verity zip
Step 5 : Reboot, Finish all setup and after getting to Mokee ROM Homescreen reboot to TWRP again
Step 6 : Factory Reset [TWRP – Wipe)
Step 7 : Install Android P System Image (.img)
Step 8 : TWRP – Mount – Select Vendor Partition
Step 9 : TWRP – Install – Flash all 3 Post Zip files + incall zip file
Step 10 : Reboot

Background Music : Kozah – Travel Again [NCS Release]

Oneplus 6 Android P Beta 3 Review

Download Preview(choose update via pakage in updater):

Run this command in ADB for Pixel 2 Navbar:adb shell settings put secure swipe_up_to_switch_apps_enabled 1

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Android P vs Oreo: What’s New!

Here’s a side-by-side look at what’s new in Android P.

Thanks for Watching!





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OnePlus 6: One Month Later (In-depth Review)

I have used the OnePlus 6 for over a month now and I am very pleased! Check it out in all 4 colors. This phone has a lot to offer for the price. It’s not perfect but what it does it does VERY WELL! software used for benchmarks
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iOS vs Android P: Should Apple Fans Be Jealous?

Should iPhone users be jealous of Android P?
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