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Top 10 Arduino Projects

Top 10 Cool arduino projects/arduino uno Projects.
Top 10 DIY innovative arduino projects ,This video shares Cool Ideas of some of Advanced arduino Projects.
All these Projects are Based on arduino Microcontroller and use some basic sensors like sonar,Infrared,Force sensor,some components like servos,motors,LED’s,Displays,shields etc.The arduino uno r3 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328. It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button.You too can make these Amazing projects at Home.

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10.Make your Own Arduino-
9.Arduino Drawing Machine-
8.Arduino Self Balancing Robot-
7.Arduino Smart Watch-
6.Arduino Spider Quadruped Robot-
5.Arduino Quadcopter-
4.Arduino Gesture controlled Robotic Arm-
3.Arduino Rubik’s cube Solver-
2.Arduino 3D Printer-
1.Arduino Ball and Plate PID Control-

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Mini Project Topics for CSE and IT Students

Here we can discuss some of the Mini Project topics for Computer Science students 🙂
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Smart Medicine Box – (Smart medicine-box for elderly people) – Android Speaker app

1. Smart Medicine Box – Android Speaker app,

2. Smart Medicine Box – (Smart medicine-box for elderly people),

3. Smart Medicine Box – Cornell University,

4. Lively smart home system can monitor everything from pill boxes to,

5. Intelligent Medicine System Prototype of The Internet of Things – DiVA,

6. project smart pill box,

7. smart medicine box pdf,

8. electronic pill box project,

9. medicine reminder system project,

10. smart medicine cabinet,

11. Medicine Boxes at – Save on Medicine Boxes?,

12. Intelligent Packaging and Intelligent Medicine Box for – icact,

13. Smart Elderly Home Monitoring System with an Android Phone,

14. Smart Pill box,

15. Smart Medicine Box App,

16. Smart Medicine Box – For Blind,

17. 100+ Ultimate List of IOT Projects For Engineering Students,

18. 2016 – 2017 ieee Project list.,

19. 2016 – 2017 IEEE Projects.,

20. 2016 2017 IEEE PROJECT TITLES for CSE,IT, ECE, EEE.,

21. 2016 Final Year Project Titles.,

22. 2016 ieee Projects list.,

23. 2016-2017 IEEE PROJECT TITLES for CSE,IT, ECE, EEE.,

24. 22 Internet of Things(IoT) Courses to Help Build a Connected World,

25. 5 Awesome Internet of Things Project Ideas | element14 | Internet of,

26. A High Accuracy Vehicle Positioning System – ITS Institute,

27. Analytics of Things Training,

28. android controlled mobile robot – e-Archivo Principal – UC3M,

29. Android ieee projects 2016-2017.,

30. Android latest final year project.,

31. Automated Vehicle Location using Global Positioning Systems for First,

32. Automatic vehicle location – Wikipedia,

33. Autonomous Vehicle Positioning Systems,

34. Axelta IoT,

35. Axelta M2M,

36. B.Tech-Mechanical-Hardware- Major Projects – Krest

37. Design of Vehicle Positioning System Based On ARM – IJMETMR,

38. ECE final year projects for B. Tech & M. Tech students- svsembedded,

39. Embedded System Final Year IEEE Project.,

40. Final Year IEEE Projects | IEEE Projects.,

41. Final year IEEE Projects.,

42. Get new IOT Projects Ideas & Training, IEEE Internet Of Things (IoT),

43. Hyderabad M2M training,

44. IEEE 2016 Final Year Projects.,

45. IEEE Final Year Project Topics and Ideas – Final Year Project Ideas.,

46. IEEE PROJECTS – 2016.,

47. IEEE Projects 2016.,

48. IEEE Projects For ECE, EEE, EIE.,

49. Internet of Everything India,

50. Internet of Everything,

51. Internet of Things India | Internet of Everything India | IoT – Axelta | Home,

52. Internet of Things India | Internet of Everything India | IoT – svskits,

53. Internet of Things India,

54. Internet of Things Platform,

55. Internet of Things Platform, IoT Platform,

56. Internet of Things Training | IoT Training | IoT Academy – Axelta,

57. Internet Of Things Training In Hyderabad | IOT Training In Hyderabad,

58. Internet of Things workshop,

59. Internet of Things(IoT) Training in Hyderabad | IoT Training – Orien IT,

60. Internet of Things,

61. Internet of Things, Best iot Training in Jaipur, Rasspberry PI,

62. IoT,

63. IoT Analytics Training,

64. IoT DIY Handbook | 2016 Overview of Projects, Ideas, and Tutorials,

65. IoT Hyderabad,

66. IOT India,

67. IoT Internet of Things Classroom Training in Ameerpet Hyderabad,

68. IoT Platform,

69. IOT Projects : Patient Health Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi,

70. IoT Projects | Ideas and Example DIY Projects – Postscapes,

71. IOT Projects for B.Tech and M.Tech Engineering Students – ElProCus,

72. IOT Projects|Internet of things|IOT Projects in Bangalore,

73. IoT Training & Certification – Awarded Best Training Provider?,

74. IoT Training | Internet of Things Training | IoT Online Training, | IoT,

75. IoT Training Course, Best IoT Training Institute Hyderabad, India,

76. IoT training hyderabad,

77. IoT Training in Hyderabad | NobleProg India,

78. IoT Training Institutes in Hyderabad,

79. IoT using Raspberry Pi Project – Online Course – Skyfi Labs,

80. IoT using Raspberry Pi,

81. Latest 2016- 2017 IEEE Projects | 2016 Final Year Project Titles | ece ,

82. Latest 2016- 2017 IEEE Projects.,

83. Latest 2016-2017 IEEE Projects/2016 Final year Projects Titles/ece,

84. Latest IOT Projects For Engineering Students -2016 – Edgefx Kits,

85. Latest IOT Projects Ideas & Topics | NevonProjects,

86. Latest Robotic, Embedded Sytem final year Projects,

87. Machine-to-Machine training,

88. Online IOT Trainings,

89. Realtime Live Projects for B.Tech, M.Tech, Diploma, Masters (UK, US),

90. The Internet of Things – Free online course – FutureLearn,

91. Top 10 IoT Training Institutes in India – 2016 – Analytics India Magazine,

92. Training on Internet of Things,

93. Web of things,

94. World’s Top 20 IoT Project Ideas for IoT Enthusiasts – Electronics For You,

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Android Studio App Development | First App Project | Part 1

This tutorial is for everyone who knows Java, if you do not know Java, learn it first. I also have another video that should help you to get started. I am sorry that I sped up certain parts, but I am not doing that anymore in the more recent videos. If you need the code for the UI, you can go to the github page of this project.

Hey Guys,
this time we are going to create another App in Android Studio. We aren’t actually creating something completely useless and I just wanted to try a different approach at teaching, so I will be creating this project and comment on what I’m doing.
If you want me to change anything, just leave it in the comments. Feedback is appreciated.

P.S.: I’m sorry for struggling at the end, but I’m more a C# Developer, so I have to get used to some of the routines in Java.
I tried some stuff and I think I found a better method for checking the text input, so I will be changing that in the next part of this tutorial.

– Project Download –

Intro Song:
Robot Koch – Hard To Find

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