Android Q Beta 5 Changes / New Features

Today I just got upgraded to the Android Q Beta 5 and found a few minor changes to this latest update of Android on Google Pixel.

Android Q Beta 5 on Pixel 3 XL hands on – What’s New?

This is a walkthrough the Android Q Beta 5 and below are the changes:
– Android Q beta 5 – New black boot screen.
– Android Q beta 5 – Navigation gestures improvement.
– Android Q beta 5 – New rotate icon.
– Android Q beta 5 – New diagonal swipe from bottom corners to lunch Google assistant.
– Android Q beta 5 – New colorful animation for google assistant.
Android Q beta 5 – Pause app feature.
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Installing Android Q On The OnePlus 7 Pro

Beware i did have an issue about 10 minutes after setup where the launcher would crash constantly. I rebooted the phone and it would get stuck at the Android animation so i had to wipe the phone again.
UPDATE: After 3 data wipes I still had issues with the phone not booting if it was restarted or shut down. If I rebooted for any reason I had to wipe it to get it to boot again so I have returned to Android Pie.
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How Huawei’s OS might REPLACE Android.

Huawei Responds to the US ban / blacklisting with the new Huawei OS / Hongmeng OS / Oak OS / Ark OS – Here’s what you need to know!

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These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn’t Exist…

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Best New phablet 2019 – Top 10 Best Big Screen Smartphones

Do you wish to buy a big sized phone that is being launched recently? Then this video is for you. These are the top 10 Biggest and Best Android Phones you can buy in 2019. We have enlisted the best phones with large Screen Sizes- minimum 6.2 inches”.

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1.Samsung Galaxy Note 9

2.Samsung Galaxy S9+

3.OnePlus 6

4.Oppo Find X

5.Xiaomi Mi 8
International: NEX S

7.Huawei Honor Note 10

8.Meizu 16 Plus

9.Xiaomi Mi Max 3

10.Motorola Moto Z3

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1.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (

2.OnePlus 6 ( NEX S(

4.Elephone U Pro (

5.Huawei P20 Pro (

6.Oppo Find X (

7.Sharp Aquos S2(


9.ASUS zenfone 5Z (

10.Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (

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