Android Q Beta 5 is Out! – What's New?

Google released Android Q Beta 5 to developers and beta testers today. Android Q is the new version of Android and available to test on Pixel, Pixel 3a, OPPO,OnePlus, Xioami and many more devices. I show you all the new features including gestures, notification changes, dark mode tweaks, home screen changes and more on the Pixel 3 XL. #androidq #madebygoogle #android

Android Q Beta –
Android Q Changes –

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Android Q Beta 5 on Pixel 3 XL hands on – What’s New?

This is a walkthrough the Android Q Beta 5 and below are the changes:
– Android Q beta 5 – New black boot screen.
– Android Q beta 5 – Navigation gestures improvement.
– Android Q beta 5 – New rotate icon.
– Android Q beta 5 – New diagonal swipe from bottom corners to lunch Google assistant.
– Android Q beta 5 – New colorful animation for google assistant.
Android Q beta 5 – Pause app feature.
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You Can’t Call Yourself a Driver If You Don’t Know These 9 Secrets

Every driver knows that having a car is not easy. You have to deal with many little problems all the time. What’s the most efficient way to use your AC in the summer? How to get unstuck from mud or sand? Even if you’re an experienced driver, it never hurts to learn some extra tips you didn’t know before.

#drivingtips #drivinghacks #driverbegginer

💥 By the way, there is a cat hidden in this video. Hint: it’s black! If you can spot our furry little guy, you’re much more attentive than most people! 😽

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Get ahead of another car safely 0:25
Take good care of your wipers 1:07
Use your AC wisely in the summer 2:16
Be careful with your AC in the winter 3:33
Start your car when it’s freezing outside 4:22
Get unstuck from mud or sand 5:05
Pay attention to the wheels 5:53
Take the most out of your car alarm 6:25
Mind the details 7:16

Music by Epidemic Sound

– Every now and then you just have to overtake another car on a narrow two-lane road to get to your destination faster. Whenever you feel like you don’t have enough time to end it, turn back to your lane and not the side of the road.
– Whenever the frost is coming, remove the wiper blades overnight and they won’t freeze to the glass. And finally, never ever run the wipers on a dry windshield. They are meant to be used on a wet surface.
– Imagine it’s a hot summer day, you get in the car that’s been in the sun for hours. But the AC system accumulates toxic substances you don’t want to breath in. So pump out the hot air naturally before you get in the car.
– If you live in climate where seasons do change and winters are snowy and cold, you most likely only use you AC in the summer. If you make it sleep all winter long, you might not be able to turn it back on in the summer. The same is true for the heater, you have to turn it on at least for 30 seconds even in the summer months.
– When it’s below 14 °F outside and you get in your vehicle, don’t try to start it straight away. Before you start it, turn on the high beams for 3 to 5 seconds. It will let you run the current through your system and help the engine start easier.
– In case you get stuck in mud, sand or snow, don’t panic and remember there’s always a way to get out. Deflate the tires letting out about half of the air from them to increase their surface area.
– When you’re driving along a narrow road, and there is a flow of cars going your way, pay attention to their wheels. If you feel like the driver is acting weirdly don’t wait for them to flash the turn signals.
– It’s really smart to keep the remote control apart from the rest of your keys and always keep it in your pocket. Also, don’t activate the Anti Theft mode just for fun.
– It’s pretty obvious that you have to keep your windshield clean, but there are some things you might oversee in this process. You side car windows have rubber molding that you most likely forget to clean.

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Selling my broken Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Eco-atm!

#SuperDavesHowTo #ecoatm
A guide to buying and selling phones:

Blindfolding my kid and taking him on a shopping spree:

Selling my grandpa’s vintage cell phone:

Don’t tell Walmart I sold their display phone:

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This is how you can sell your broken Samsung Galaxy.
My phone is stuck on the startup screen how much will I get for it? This phone was awesome! It was rooted and I tried to restore it but it did not work! I don’t Really like the Iphone! You have to be techsmartt in this day and age.

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Trải nghiệm Android Q trên Nokia 8.1

Anh em đừng quen co hẹn với Vật Vờ vao 14h Chủ nhật tuần nay, 26/05 nha. Link đăng ky cho anh em muốn trải nghiệm những gi mới nhất của Nokia va những huyền thoại:

Ngoai cac mẫu may Pixel thi Nokia 8.1 la một trong số những mẫu may được cập nhật Android Q sớm. Co rất nhiều tinh năng nổi bật trong đo Dark Theme la điều được nhiều bạn quan tam. Ngoai ra khả năng quản ly quyền truy cập của ứng dụng cũng sẽ được quản ly chặt chẽ hơn, giup bạn hạn chế mất tiền oan vi những dịch vụ ngầm. Tất nhien sẽ con một số lỗi do phien bản chưa hoan thiện.

#Vatvostudio #AndroidQ #Nokia81

Music: Matt Cherne

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Hal Menarik Dari Google Pixel 3a Selama Coba 30 Hari !


Kamu juga bisa belanja gadget-gadget yg aku punya di E-Commerce Indonesia melalui link ini, kamu tinggal ubah atau ketik KATA KUNCI-nya aja untuk cari produk yg kamu mau:
1. Tokopedia:
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Unit ex unboxing dan review aku jual disini ya:
melisanoviantiwijaya – DKI Jakarta | Tokopedia


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