Android Q hands-on: New features coming in Android 10 update! [Leak]

Here’s our exclusive hands-on with a very early build of #AndroidQ — the upcoming Android release for 2019, due to ship on the Pixel 4!

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Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

Chatting with Bill Gates about electric cars, AI, philanthropy and saving the world.
The 2019 Gates Annual Letter:
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10 ways Android is just better

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The BEST Android Phones – Jan 2019

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Hilarious – my 70 year old mom reacts to BMW M2 drifting… then tries to drift herself!

Sally Watson is no stranger to accepting challenges from Mat, but this may be the toughest one yet! She’s joined Mat in a BMW M2 Competition to find out just what it’s like to sit in a car while drifting – and then she’s going to try it herself! She’ll be behind the wheel of an M4 Competition, but will she manage to successfully drift before the day’s over? Stick with Mat and Sally to find out!

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My First Time Drifting at a New Track

This was my first time ever drifting at a new track far away from my home track with the DriftStang! I ended up pulling a trailer behind the drift car and drifted 3 different tracks over the weekend. I took passengers, tried out my new carbon fiber racing helmet, and pushed my Mustang and my skills to the limits!

I went from Raceway Park NJ to Pocono Raceway, over 140 miles each way towing a 1500lb trailer! I got to experience the Tricky Triangle and all of it’s glory getting up to 80mph drifts and learning how to utilize the clutch kick and not just Ebrake all of the time.

Thanks @kwesiray for the slow motion footage!
Thanks @victoriapeyton_ for the photos of my car!

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