Android Studio Tutorial-13 In Hindi For Beginners | Activity LifeCycle | Core Component

In this Video I am explaining that what are the core component of Android, which are essential to develop a android application.Also explain the Life Cycle of Activity.

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ListView In Android Studio Part-1

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How to Install Java Url-…

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GridLayout url-…

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Creating First Android Application on Android Studio In Hindi #2

In this video i am going to explain that how to create first Android Application on Android Studio and also explain that what are the basic requirement which are necessary to develop a android application in Android Studio.

How to Install Java Url-

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Tutorial: Android Studio, from zero knowledge to something basic

First Android tutorial! This uses Android Studio, the now official method of building Android apps, and walks through every detail step-by-step to get a basic application working. The functions of the end app are extremely basic, but hopefully this will help out anyone who wants to get over the hump and get some of their own code running on an Android device. Exciting stuff!

This is my first tutorial video, if you’re interested in more, have questions, or any constructive criticism, let me know! Planning to release more Android tutorials in the future.

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Android Studio Tutorial – Explicit and Implicit Intent In Hindi #1

In this video you can understand the concept of Implicit and Explicit Intent With Example….
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How to make video player in android studio

How To Create your Simple video Player using Android Studio.This Tutorial will Show Step By Step for creating A simple video player.

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Android Addition App part

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Create A Video App Android Studio with banner ads and background full lesson

In this lesson i will show you how to make a video App in android studio and will be showing you how to put a background image in as well as banner ads by the end of this lesson you will have a fully working video app that is ready to publish on google play.
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