Android Studio Tutorial – Create Widget On Screen

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In Part 2, we will learn how to display your friends’ locations on Google Map, calculate the distance between two locations, and finish the application smoothly.

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Creating Tabs in Android Studio with Tabbed Activity

This Tutorial Shows Creating Swipe Tabs by using Tabbed Activity in Android Studio. And how to modify existing Tabbed Activity template to create custom Tabs in Android Application. Creating Swipe Views with Tabs by following this tutorial will be very easy process.

To add Icons to tabs
Hi this solution posted by Arvi.
in file after tabLayout.setupWithViewPager(mViewPager);
add below lines:

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Android Studio #21: Create a Widget (Home Screen and LockScreen up 4.4)

Lock Screen or keylock widgets only work on android versions smaller than 5.0
Android Developer Tutorial #21
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Android support design v4 introduced the Android Notification Compat Builder, which made programming Android Notification much more easier and compatible to later Android API. This tutorial introduced this upgraded integration and also explains in details how to achieve it
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Android Studio Tutorial – Collapsing Toolbar Layout

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CollapsingToolbarLayout is a wrapper for Toolbar which implements a collapsing app bar. It is designed to be used as a direct child of a AppBarLayout.

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Homescreen Widget #1 – Android Apps programmieren [Deutsch / German]

In diesem Video zeige ich, wie man ein Homescreen Widget fur Android programmieren kann.

2. TEIL:

DOWNLOAD des fertigen Codes fur Android Studio auf Github:

Progress Bar in der Toolbar (letztes Video):

Ich bin David, 16 Jahre alt und mache auf diesem Kanal Tutorials, in denen ich zeige, wie man Android Apps programmieren kann. Fragen, konstruktive Kritik oder Vorschlage fur die nachsten Videos konnt ihr gerne in die Kommentare schreiben!


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