Android Studio Tutorial – Firebase Authentication with Phone Number

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You can use Firebase Authentication to sign in a user by sending an SMS message to the user’s phone. The user signs in using a one-time code contained in the SMS message.

The easiest way to add phone number sign-in to your app is to use FirebaseUI, which includes a drop-in sign-in widget that implements sign-in flows for phone number sign-in, as well as password-based and federated sign-in.

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How to make a firebase phone number authentication by android studio in just 15 minutes!

Hi ! i am from Bangladesh and a student of CSE at Patuakhali Science & Technology University.
If you want to make an automatic phone authentication system like me then this tutorial will give you the the basic idea about it.To make your semester final project easier i think this will help you a lot.
Enjoy the coding!!!!!!!
Code sample has given to the link below!
You can also find me and ask your queries at
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Android Studio Tutorial – Firebase Authentication

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With the latest news from Google I/O comes the new and upgraded Firebase. To demonstrate how simplified and easy to use firebase is, we will build a simple login / register (Firebase Authentication) demo using the Firebase Email & Password authentication.

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Hackear Android con un troyano (demostración)

En el video se puede ver una demostracion de como un dispositivo movil con Android podria ser hackeado para ser controlado desde una computadora y asi acceder a sus mensajes, llamadas, fotos e incluso activar el microfono para escuchar el sonido ambiente o grabar videos con la camara sin que el propietario se de cuenta.

Se trata de una demostracion en un entorno controlado, pero un ataque real con un troyano no seria muy diferente.

Mas informacion:

Ahora ya lo sabes: no descargues aplicaciones de dudosa procedencia ni permitas que nadie lo haga en tu movil o tablet porque te podrian hackear.

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Firebase Authentication with phone number

This tutorial will show you how to implement the authentication feature with Firebase using the phone number, you have to know that, for security concerns, this is not the most recommended way for authenticating users as you can read in the official firebase documentation. Note also that I have slightly the code in ActivityAccount, since the new user authenticated with phone number has not a database entry, then this would trigger a NullPointerException in the ActivityAccount while trying to read the name and imageUrl, this is why in the TextView is showing null as the name, this will be fixed soon no worries, for now, I just fixed the NullPointerException so it does not crash my app.

Source code:

If there is something that is shown in the video but I did not explain that, it is most likely because that was explained in previous tutorials, so please make sure to check those out, nevermind you can leave me any suggestion, question, feedback or whatever.

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DROIDJACK Troyano Espía para Android Como usar y configurar Droidjack

DROIDJACK Troyano para android


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