Android Studio Tutorial – Infinite Cycle View Pager with Click Listener

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make an Infinite Cycle View Pager with both Click and Item Click

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Amazing Modern Automatic Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process, Biggest Pipe Welding Technology

Amazing Modern Automatic Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process, Biggest Pipe Welding Technology
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A DAY OFF by Nicolai Heidlas Music
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Java Project For Beginners Step By Step Using NetBeans And MySQL Database In One Video [ With Code ]

Java Project Step By Step Using NetBeans With Source Code

Project PlayList:

▶ Source Code:

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programming projects with source code:

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C# And Java Programming Books

In this java Project Video we will see How To Create A Project For Beginners With MySQL Database Using NetBeans IDE With Source Code .
Project Description:
– swing controls used in this project : jtextfield, button, jtabel, jlabel, jdatechooser and some images
– Insert Data To MySQL DataBase ,
– Connect Java To MySQL ,
– Update Data To MySQL ,
– Delete Data From DataBase ,
– Populate JTable From MySQL DataBase ,
– Browse And Display Image Into JLabel ,
– Navigation Buttons First, Next, Previous, Last ,
I Use In This Tutorial:
– Java Programming Language .
– NetBeans IDE .
– PhpMyAdmin .
– MySQL Database .

Java Tutorials:
Insert Update Delete Data In MySQL Database Using Java

Add And Update A Row To JTable From JTextField + Delete Row In Java

JAVA MySQL Database Rocords Navigation Buttons

Search Values From MySQL Database And Set It Into JTextfield In Java

bind jtable from mysql database in netbeans

insert Image in MySQL Database using Java

Java Login Form With MySQL Database
Part 1 :
Part 2 :

Retrieve And Display Image From Mysql In Java

How To Bind JTable From MySQL Using ArrayList In NetBeans

How To Browse Image To Jlabel Using JFilechooser In NetBeans

How To display Image From Database To JTable In Java

How To Get JTable Column Sum, Avarage, Max, Min Value In Java

jtable click

show jtable row data in another jframe

insert update delete and display data in jtable

see this project in serie :
Part1 :
Part2 :
Part3 :
Part4 :
Part5 :
Part6 :
Part7 :
Part8 :
Part9 :
Part10 :
Part11 :

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“top programming courses on udemy” Post:

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Advanced Ancient Technology Something Has Been Discovered That Hardly Anyone is Talking About

This presentation will look at some out of place things discovered at megalithic sites, including polygonal walls, Pyramids, Gobekli Tepe, spheres and the Denisovians. The first place we visit is Stonehenge, as you will see, this is a much more sophisticated stone circle than most people think, there is even evidence of stone softening at the site.

We jump over to the Egyptian site of Aswan, home of the largest obelisk ever discovered. Some of the stone from this place was transported was distances to places such as Giza. Then we will look at strange scooping marks discovered in much ancient stonework around the world, how were they able to do this, is this evidence of a lost Ancient Technology and did it originate in Turkey?

The site of Gobekli Tepe, which has made even mainstream historians sit up and take notice is thought to be between 12000 to 14000 years old. As with other sites, there is also evidence of stone softening and of course the strange presence of serpent iconography. T pillars are also evident at Gobelki Tepe, these are also evident in Peru, at Amuru Maru, they are even evident at Menorca. We will see examples of ancient hard stone workmanship which simply could not have been created using bronze tools. Gargantuan megalithic structures exist in these countries that defy explanation and have legends that consistently relate to the Serpent.

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Primitive Technology: Cooking Big Crocodile in the Forest For Food | Roasted Crocodile By Waterwheel

Primitive Technology: Cooking Big Crocodile in the Forest For Food | Roasted Crocodile By Waterwheel
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