Android Studio Tutorial – Multichoices Quiz App part 4 Show Result and Finish Game

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In this tutorial , i will show you how to show Result and Finish Game

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How to Build an Amazing Seaside Diorama – Realistic Scenery Vol.14

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how to create your very own ultra-realistic model of an ocean then this is the tutorial for you!

I’ll guide you through ever step I took to not only build the lighthouse but also every tip, technique and method for making the amazing sea water and rock cliffs. The model is built in HO scale and would make a perfect addition to any model railroad.

Having a water feature on your model layout or even as a standalone diorama like this one is will draw the attention of anyone who gazes upon it!

Some of the details in this model were 3D printed on the Anycubic Photon 3D printer, specifically the chimney and if you’d like to download the 3D file I used to make the chimney detail you’ll find it on my website at:

Additionally, if you have an shopping you need to do for modeling supplies be sure to check out micro-mark.


By using the promo code you’ll save 10% at the checkout on your shopping cart.

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Draw My Life – Gabriel Conte

Here’s my life… so far anyway 🙂
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Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires – World Billionaires – HD 2017

Luxury Lifestyle Of Billionaires – World Billionaires – HD 2017

Trading Strategies
Live Trade Coaching
Binary Options

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What is Flutter and things you should know about it

Flutter is a new tech by Google to design High performance and High fidelity mobile apps for Android and iOS, using single code base. Flutter uses dart as their primary programming language to create this single code base. With an initial look at dart, I found that language is easy to learn but since most programmers are not already using it, it would be difficult for companies to find programmers.
Dart is fast in performance but I would like to see some Google apps being redesigned in Flutter to see it’s actual power.

Anyways, I am fully positive when it comes to a single code base and hot reloading.

Let’s see how this competes with React Native.

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For international users:

Download app from Google play store and Apple App store

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