Android Things Development Board by TechNexion

TechNexion shows the Android Things ARM Powered development platform designed to enable energy-efficient, secure and portable applications for Google’s Internet of Things ecosystem strategy. The development platforms provide hardware that developers need to speed up their IoT projects on the Android Things platform as well as onto other supported platforms such as Ubuntu, Debian, Yocto Project, regular Android and more. TechNexion also continues to build on its complete lineup of System on Modules designed for modular, versatile, scalable and low-power applications that can be easily integrated into other devices for all types of IoT development.

Netronix solar E Ink Bus Timetable, 13.3″ Mobius e-reader, 6.8″, Shelf Labels, 32″ color

Netronix shows some of their latest E Ink devices, including color E Ink, ePaper Bus Stop that can be solar powered, electronic shelf labels and the 13.3″ Flexible Mobius e-reader and the 6.8″ E Ink device with digitizer.
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Published: 2017-06-01 21:09:00
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ARM Keynote: Rene Haas, ARM IP Group President at Computex 2017 CPX Conference

Keynote at the Computex 2017 CPX Conference by Rene Haas, ARM President, Intellectual Property Group.
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Published: 2017-06-02 02:08:52
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Realtek RTD1296 for Android TV, Google Voice Assistant, NAS

Realtek RTD1296 is a processor for Android TV Box featuring quad core Cortex A53 GPU, Mali T820 MP3, DDR3 and DDR4 ram, LPDDR2/3ROM, eMMC 5.0 (and NAND), HDMI: 2.0 (TX/RX), LAN: Gigabit Ethernet (x2), 11ac Wi-fi USB, 1 X USB 3.0 and 2 X USB 2.0, MHL, SATA, Bluetooth, SD card, PCI-e,IrDA in/out, S/PDIF output. The solution also supports picture in picture. The RTD1296 is similar to the RTD1295 but with more IO. The realtek rtd2871 is another solution for Android TV Box with support for 4k video and featuring a quad core ARM Cortex-A53 processor.
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CLEARink Displays ePaper Reflective wins Best in Show at DisplayWeek 2017 Chairman and CEO, Frank Christiaens and VP of Engineering, Scott Ferguson, won “Best of Show” at SID DisplayWeek 2017 in Los Angeles. CLEARink Displays works on the principle of Total Internal Reflection (TIR) which occurs on the top plane of the display, when light is reflected back creating white state images. The top plane also encompasses an electrophoretic (ePaper) mechanism where an applied voltage causes black particles to rise to the top and cover the bottom surface of the film and absorb light, thus creating the black state. The bottom plane is a TFT substrate similar to what is used in the LCD industry, the backplane allows for pixel formation. This technology has all the benefits of electronic paper including low power, sunlight readability, extremely thin and light and flexible plus the added benefit of lower cost color and video. The CLEARink demos are running video at 30frames/second, some of the demos were hybrid static text and dynamic video on the same page. The company said that they are targeting eSchoolbooks, Wearables, Mobile Devices etc but they can also make products for Electronic Shelf Labels/IoT as well as Signage displays. CLEARink is in trial production in a LCD fab and will have samples ready for the customer in the next few months with mass production in Q1 2018.
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Top 5 IoT Development Boards

Here are 5 best new Internet of Things development boards (Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible).

00:00 – Lora One (sodaq one)
02:28 – Tespa
05:10 – ESLOV by Arduino
07:10 – Wio Link
10:30 – EspressoBin Board


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