Android Tutorial for Beginners #1 Introduction and Installing and Configuring Java JDK

Basic installation of JDK for Android Studio

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Whatsapp Status Update Feature 2017

WhatsApp has launched a new feature which is the status update feature.
This video will explain you the feature of whatsapp status update along with a demonstration of it.
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Step 1: Install Java JDK + Android SDK + Node JS + Cordova + Ionic

Install 5 tools for build Mobile App
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DEVELOPER AVEC ANDROID: TUTO 2 | installer et configurer android studio | jdk

DEVELOPER AVEC ANDROID | installer et configurer android studio | jdk
tuto francais pour debutant:Comment installer android studio et jdk et les configurer
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Installer Android Studio 2
Installer Android Studio 2.2
Installer Android Studio sur windows
Tuto Android Studio debutant Francais
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Telechargement et installation de JDK
Developpement d’une application android
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Probleme d’Android Studio
Tuto Android Studio debutant Francais

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How to Turn Off Windows Automatic Update On Windows 10

How to Turn Off Windows Automatic Update On Windows 10

Stop Automatic updates for windows 10

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How to install android studio 2.2 jdk path settings run emulator run android studio project

Must See Below Description for Download Link:

Learn how to get started with Android and Android Studio in this short tutorial. It demonstrates how to install Android Studio (Google’s official Android IDE) and create your first Android app. You’ll learn how to download the Java SDK, download and install Android Studio, create a new “My First application ” project, and run your app on an emulator and real Android device.

first Download android studio 2.2

2nd step: download java 32 bit

for Emulator:

enable your intel virtual technology

then install haxm

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